Magdalena’s Smile in a Day

“When I was 15 someone remarked that I had a crooked smile.

 From that moment, I just stopped smiling.

I just didn’t smile at all anymore – I just kept my mouth closed.”

For Magdalena, brought up in Poland and now living in England, that comment – along with a bad experience at an orthodontist – started a lifetime of problems with her teeth.

It affected her confidence and eventually her ability to eat the foods she loved.

“I started to avoid the dentist”

“When I was young, I used to look after my teeth and had always enjoyed going to the dentist.

But I am quite a serious person and that comment about my crooked teeth really affected me. Not only did I stop smiling, but I started to neglect my teeth and by the time I was 18, it became painful whenever I went to the dentist.

Eventually I felt so ashamed of showing them my mouth that I stopped going to the dentist altogether.

It became a cycle – I wasn’t looking after my teeth, but had also developed a dental phobia so I avoided going to the dentist for help.

Over time, I lost my back teeth, so couldn’t eat properly anymore. Then my two front teeth became wobbly.

My dentist tried to repair them by inserting posts and building them up, but they were still always wobbly.”

“My teeth affected my confidence and my ability to eat”

“I couldn’t bite into food because of my front teeth, or chew because of my missing back teeth.

I had to eat soft foods – and avoid lots of foods like fruit and nuts that I love.

I was always having to think about what I could eat.

And all of this really affected my confidence.

I always had a voice in my head saying to be careful, don’t smile, don’t show your teeth.”

“I even hid my teeth from my children”

“I was actually so ashamed of my teeth, that I kept them hidden from everyone – even my children.

I didn’t want them to see them as I didn’t want to be a bad example for them.”

Taking the decision to get dental implants

In 2020 Magdalena told her children that that she wanted to have dental implants to solve her problems and they encouraged her to do it.

“I planned to go back to Poland as I knew it would be cheaper there, but I was worried about what I’d do if I had any problems and if I had to keep going back.  So I decided to get them done in England.”

But Magdalena didn’t know how to find the right dental implant team for her – one that she could trust – especially as she was such a nervous patient.

“I found TDC through personal recommendation – Helen Few, who’d had her Smile in a Day treatment at TDC Harley Street.

Our daughters are friends, so I was able to talk to Helen about her own experience (she was also terrified of visiting the dentist before her TDC Smile in a Day procedure).

She recommended Michael and Anthony, I looked at the website with the patient stories, then I booked my consultation.”

My treatment at TDC

“My initial consultation was with Anthony. I took my daughter with me for emotional support as I don’t think I would have gone by myself!

I was afraid of the surgery – I was very nervous, but it went so smoothly. I had sedation – I don’t think I would have done it otherwise as I was so afraid.

I met the whole team and everyone was so nice – Nico, the anaesthetist was great, so lovely, and so was the nurse who looked after me.

At the end of the day, when Anthony showed me my new teeth in the mirror for the first time, it was like a shock. I couldn’t believe they were my teeth.

I had a small amount of bruising and a little bit of discomfort afterwards but, but I took the painkillers and was fine. I slept well.”

Learning to smile again

“I’ve now got my permanent teeth and they feel even better than the first fixed teeth that I got on surgery day. Anthony slightly adjusted the size and shape and they feel like natural teeth – I feel I can even talk better.

I’m learning to smile again as I didn’t smile for so many years. I stand in front of the mirror and practice.

I like myself and my smile when I look in the mirror – I like what I see.

I smile to myself all the time – that’s lovely.

I feel much more confident in myself.”

The changes in me

“There have been so many benefits to having my Smile in a Day dental implants – it’s like I’m myself again, thanks to my implants.

My soul is lighter – without worries.

I can eat without worrying as well – buying baby carrots in Marks & Spencer and being able to bite into them – I love them! I can eat carrots, apples – anything!

I am currently studying and have lectures online. Before I had my teeth done, I used to think about how to position myself on camera as I was embarrassed about my teeth.

Now I can relax – I smile, talk freely and can just be myself.

I just don’t have to think about my teeth any more – I can just be myself. It makes me feel free.”

“I am very grateful to TDC”

“Everyone at TDC was so professional. I feel they really took care of me just as they said they would.

I didn’t just feel like a patient – I felt like they really cared, that I was important – like being part of a family.

There was a real personal connection, and I am very grateful.

If anyone asked, I would really recommend TDC.”