TDC’s Smile in a Day same-day dental implant treatment is a one-day solution that makes dentures or loose and missing teeth a thing of the past. It’s the next best thing to natural teeth.  Your smile and your confidence can be restored with fixed, secure teeth in just one day.

Investing in your dental well-being is an important decision and the cost of your dental implant treatment can be a key consideration when you are selecting the right dental team for you.

So how much should dental implants cost?

The reality is that every patient has different dental and general healthcare needs, personal requirements and preferences so there is no “one size fits all” solution.

So, whilst cost may well be a factor in your decision, it is advisable to ensure that you have considered all the elements that provide successful treatment and results that you will be happy with.

When researching your options to replace loose and missing teeth or false teeth, you may find it helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want a “fixed” solution so that my teeth are secured in my mouth like natural teeth?
  • Do I want a same-day implant solution that only involves one surgical procedure?
  • Do I want a dental team with extensive experience in same-day tooth replacement?
  • Is my priority to have low cost treatment or are other factors, such as surgical experience and quality of patient care, of equal importance?
  • What will give me more peace of mind – being treated in the UK or abroad?
  • Are finance options available so I can spread the cost of my dental implant treatment?

Why do dental implant costs vary so much?

Anyone researching dental implant treatment is faced with a bewildering choice of dental practitioners and costs, so it can be hard to know what the “right price” is to pay.

Dental implant treatment is usually only available to private patients and is not commonly available on the NHS.

Dental implant cost varies widely due to numerous factors:

Not all dental implant treatments are the same

More skilled, advanced techniques such as TDC Smile in a Day same-day implants (sometimes referred to as “All on Four” or “Teeth in a Day”) require just a single surgical visit as your dental implants and a full set of fixed teeth can be placed on the same day.

This compares to traditional dental implant methods where multiple surgical visits and months of healing time are needed before the fixed teeth are placed.

The Smile in a Day implant procedure is suitable for single teeth or multiple tooth replacement, or for replacing full upper or lower sets of teeth (often called “full jaws” or “arches”).

At TDC, most of our patients require at least one full arch of replacement teeth, and we routinely treat people who have been told that they are not suitable for dental implants due to extreme gum disease or bone loss.  In the majority of cases, we can successfully treat them without the need for bone graft or sinus lift procedures.

So, not only is Smile in a Day dental implant treatment less invasive as there is only one surgical procedure, it can be a long-term, fixed solution for patients who have been previously advised that dentures are their only option.

Same-day implant treatments usually cost less over time as fewer appointments and procedures are needed.

It’s a surgical procedure – skill and experience matter

Your dental implants can last a lifetime if properly placed and well-cared for, so it makes sense to invest in the best possible clinical care.

Having an experienced implant team, from the dental surgeon who places your dental implants to the restorative / aesthetic dentist who ensures the perfect function and look of your new teeth, can make a big difference to the outcome of – and your satisfaction with – your new smile.

Not all dental implant surgeons are the same

The experience of your dental implant surgeon, along with how regularly they place implants, can make a significant difference to the success of your treatment, especially with more complex cases.

Any UK-registered dentist can perform dental implant surgery, regardless of how frequently or how recently they last placed implants, so we advise that you talk to your dentist when you attend your initial consultation to find out if they perform the procedure on a regular basis, and ask if they are experienced in placing same-day implants.

Dedicated implant centres focus on dental implant treatment every day so are more likely to be using the most current techniques and technology.

In dentistry, a dentist can only refer to themselves as a specialist if they have undertaken years of additional training in their chosen field and are approved and registered with the General Dental Council.

Specialist Periodontists, such as TDC’s Lead Surgeon Dr Michael Zybutz, have undertaken years of additional full-time training in the field of dentistry concerning the gums, jawbone and the placement of dental implants.

Analysis, planning and technique – using the latest technology

Successful dental implant treatment requires detailed analysis from a highly qualified practitioner, both to ensure you are suitable for dental implants and also to correctly place the implants in your jawbone. This is especially important in more complex cases e.g. when patients have extreme jawbone loss.

At TDC, we use information gathered at your consultation and from your medical records, along with detailed X-ray images from your CT scan. This enables us to assess the amount and quality of your bone, your suitability for the procedure and to plan the exact placement of your implants during surgery.

In complex cases we even produce an accurate 3D printed model and do a “dry run” of your surgery so we can plan for every eventuality. We invest in the latest equipment and training for our team to ensure patient safety.

Low prices can mean lower quality implants and materials – and less successful outcomes

As with most things in life, cost can be a reflection of the quality of treatment you receive and the materials that are used. Both of these factors can affect the outcome of your dental implant surgery.

Not all dental implants are manufactured to the same specifications or to the same safety standards. It is advisable to check which implant system your dentist uses, as quality of implants can affect both short and long-term success rates.

At TDC we use an advanced dental implant system that has a built-in angle to provide a stronger base to support the bridge of new teeth. Manufactured from pure, high-grade titanium – never an alloy – they are precision-milled and designed to reduce patient treatment time and to improve patient outcomes.

“In just a few hours, I’d come from painful, falling-apart teeth to something that really look completely different. Amazing”

Glenda, TDC patient

TDC Smile in a Day Costs

How much do TDC Smile in a Day dental implants cost?

Full set of upper or lower implants and fixed teeth
Single tooth implants
From £3,500 each
Optional additional costs
Conscious Sedation
All patients are gently administered with pain relief during surgery, so that it is a virtually pain-free treatment. Many of our patients also opt for conscious sedation so they feel relaxed and calm, but remain fully awake at all times. Administered by trained medical sedationists, the cost is £1,300 for a single arch treatment and £1,500 for both arches.
Zygomatic (cheekbone) implants

These can be used for patients with extreme bone loss and who don’t have enough bone for conventional implants. Our Smile in a Day process does not require bone grafting. We are one of a handful of UK implant practices that can offer treatment with zygomatic implants.

They cost from £3,500 and are in addition to the £15,950 cost for the set of upper implants and teeth.

We offer a range of payment options and plans to make the treatment affordable – see “Can I spread the cost of my dental implants?”

What is included in the treatment cost?
At TDC Implant Centres our prices are transparent and all-inclusive so you never have to worry about any hidden extra costs.

Your first implant consultation is free and, should you and your dentist agree that you are likely to be suitable for the treatment and you wish to progress, the next step is to have a CT scan. This costs £195.

The CT scan enables our dental team to fully analyse the amount and quality of available bone, and to confirm you can definitely go ahead with your new teeth on dental implants treatment. From this point on, the service we offer includes:

All teeth and implants

  • The dental implants and initial set of fixed teeth placed on day of surgery
  • The permanent set of titanium-reinforced teeth placed 2-3 months later
  • TDC use only the highest quality implants and associated components

All pre-surgical assessment and care

  • Gum health examination, complete bite evaluation, oral cancer screening
  • Aesthetic treatment planning to design your smile
  • Surgical treatment planning using 3D imaging

All surgery

  • Removal of existing teeth using a bone preservation technique (if required)
  • Bone detoxification prior to implant placement
  • Implant surgery
  • Fixed teeth placement on the same day (non-removable by patient)

Note – Sedation and zygomatic implants are optional extras, if required.

All post-surgical aftercare

  • Post-operative healing pack including antibiotics if required
  • Appointment for placement of permanent set of fixed teeth
  • Follow-up appointment with one of our implant dentists

These costs apply to the majority of our patients, even those with extreme gum disease and bone loss. Occasionally a patient has dental needs that require additional treatment. In this instance any additional costs are highlighted and agreed by the patient before treatment begins.

Are there any hidden or extra charges?
No, at TDC Implant Centre the pricing for your new teeth is all-inclusive and transparent. See “What is included in the treatment cost?”

Our dedicated Patient Coordinators will help arrange the best payment plan for you before you go ahead with your treatment. We never push anyone into any agreement, but are happy to discuss your options with you to help inform your choice.

Optional extras such as sedation or zygomatic implants (if required) are clearly highlighted and agreed by you before treatment begins.

You can have complete peace of mind that there are never any hidden extras at TDC.

Can I spread the cost of my dental implants?
We appreciate that investing in your dental well-being is an important decision and that financial considerations can sometimes be an obstacle to achieving a beautiful smile. That’s why TDC Implant Centres offer a range of finance options, including interest-free plans to spread the cost of dental implants and make treatment instantly affordable.

If you would like to know more about the payment plans that we offer, please call 0800 012 2086 to speak with one of our Patient Advisors.

Alternatively, your Patient Co-ordinator will be happy to answer any questions you have when you attend your initial free consultation.

Avoid hidden costs

After your initial consultation and before treatment begins, you should be provided with a detailed Treatment Plan that clearly outlines the treatment you are agreeing to and the total cost you can expect to pay.

Make sure you understand exactly what is included in your Treatment Plan so that you are not presented with unexpected expenses during the course of treatment.

Examples of costs that are sometimes added are; any required tooth extraction, further parts to the implants or crowns, follow-up appointments, medications or even final restorations. These can significantly inflate the dental implant price you thought you were going to pay. Do not sign your Consent Form until you are comfortable that all your questions are answered.

At TDC Implant Centres the pricing for our full jaw Smile in a Day dental implant treatment is all-inclusive, with no hidden extras, so you know what you will pay from the outset. See the “What is included in the treatment cost?” drop-down (above) to read exactly what is included in the price of your TDC Smile in a Day treatment.

Time – same-day dental implants versus traditional methods

With same-day dental implants, the multiple surgical procedures and months of healing time required with traditional implant methods are reduced into a single appointment where both the implant surgery and new teeth placement is completed in a matter of hours. At our clinics, this is achieved with the same, or better, success rate than delayed implants.

For many people, a same-day smile with minimal recovery time is very appealing. However, the Teeth in a Day procedure is a more advanced protocol, so it is worth investing in an implant surgeon and team with the right skills and experience.

The cost of dental implant treatment abroad

It is well publicised that the cost of dental treatment abroad can be significantly less than in the UK.

Wherever you are considering treatment, research your potential dental team carefully to ensure you are not compromising your dental health, your well-being or a successful outcome for the sake of cost.

Treatment that goes wrong often costs more to correct than the original amount.

Standards and regulations

In the UK, all dental professionals have to be registered with the General Dental Council – this government body regulates the dental profession in the UK. The GDC sets the standards that must be adhered to.

Take time to read the General Dental Council “Going Abroad for Dental Care?” guide on having dental treatment abroad, and research this option carefully.

Patients undergoing dental treatment in the UK are also protected from harm by the Care Quality Commission who regulate and inspect care services such as dental practitioners, making sure that they meet safety and quality standards.

Overseas, dentists may not be regulated in the same way. They may not be required to follow such rigorous standards.

As a patient, you want to be assured that any surgical dental procedure you undergo is carried out safely by qualified and experienced clinicians in a surgically clean environment, and that you will receive high standards of accessible aftercare. This is important in case any post-operative complications arise.

The NHS also has advice on having dental treatment abroad which can be read here.


Aftercare is a key part of dental implant treatment process – patient care should not stop after the procedure has taken place.

It takes about three months for your bone to integrate with your dental implants. Follow-up appointments are important so that your dental team can check that integration (osseointegration) has been successful, and that there are no complications or dental implant problems, such as infection, that can affect the outcome of your dental implant surgery and your overall well-being.

And, once treatment is completed, regular hygiene appointments and check-ups with your dental implant team helps to ensure that any issues can be avoided or picked up quickly without the need for costly further treatment. If you are considering treatment abroad, factor in overseas travel and accommodation costs for aftercare appointments, both in the short and longer term.

Fixing unsuccessful treatment

Fixing failed treatment can be emotionally difficult and financially costly for the patient. Many UK dentists are not prepared to fix problems caused by overseas dental treatment that has gone wrong and will refer you back to the clinic where treatment was performed.

In the unfortunate event of treatment going wrong abroad, or not meeting the expected results or standards, the dentist will be governed by the laws of that country. Make sure you understand what support is offered in case of complications and the costs that are involved. Factor in travel and accommodation costs.

The Benefits of TDC Smile in a Day Dental Implants

    • You’ll get your smile back – in just one day
    • Fixed teeth, securely placed on implants – in just one appointment
    • They’ll restore your self-confidence and improve your overall quality of life
    • You can bite, chew, taste and enjoy any food you want again, even crunchy foods
    • No more dental pain or embarrassment at how your teeth look
    • No more inconvenient or slipping dentures
    • The majority of tooth-loss cases can be treated, without bone grafting
    • The overall cost is reduced in comparison to conventional implant solutions
    • No need to wear removable dentures during the healing phase

Why Choose TDC?

  • Experienced, specialist-led clinical teams
  • 5 star, independently verified patient ratings and reviews
  • Award-winning patient care and TDC Smile in a Day treatment
  • Reputation built upon clinical excellence and consistently outstanding results
  • Over 25 years’ experience in placing dental implants
  • Most advanced techniques and state-of the art technology used
  • Three family-run, UK-based dental implant centres – Harley Street, Peterborough and Folkestone
  • Routine treatment of people told that they are not suitable for dental implants
  • Transparent, all-inclusive pricing