William’s Smile in a Day

William Masters** had a full set of upper and lower teeth restored on implants in one day+ at the TDC Implant Centre in Harley Street.

Many years of dental problems

“Over the years, I had all sorts of problems with my teeth.

“They were basically caused by self-inflicted neglect, primarily due to a fear of dentists.

“I used to worry about broken teeth when I ate certain foods, and it was painful when I ate anything too hot or cold.


“My dental problems also had an impact on my working life.

“My executive role in an international company means I deliver a lot of internal presentations and hold many public speaking roles.

“As my problems became worse over time, I got more and more embarrassed by my smile.

“It was depressing every time I looked in the mirror or saw a video replay.”

I was looking for a complete solution and was intrigued by same-day dental implants

“I wanted a complete solution.

“I’d had lots of dental interventions including root canals, crowns, extractions, but these were a piecemeal approach that meant expensive repeat appointments over a long period of time, and it just didn’t work for me.

“I was living abroad when I heard about TDC Smile in a Day dental implants on the radio, and I was intrigued about the one-day solution where you could get a full set of dental implants and new fixed teeth on the same day.

“When I came back to the UK I started to research online and put a lot of thought into it.

“Even though I was super squeamish about going to the dentist and I avoided dental work where I could, my 2022 new year’s resolution was to take a closer look at the treatment.”

My initial consultation at TDC Harley Street

“I had my initial consultation with Anthony (Dr Anthony Zybutz, lead dentist); the whole experience at TDC was refreshingly positive; there was no judgement at all from anyone in the team.

“In short, I came for the consultation, went for the scan and then went through the process of having my upper and lower teeth done in one day.”

I made my decision to go ahead

“I had confidence in TDC as they were open about everything, explained every aspect of the treatment and how it would all go.

“I appreciated the attention to detail and trusted in the people and the process.”

The day I got my new teeth and smile

“The day before my procedure, I was called by the anesthetist, who was brilliant.

“I explained I was nervous, but he reassured me that I would be well looked after.

“On the day, Michael (Dr Michael Zybutz, lead surgeon) spoke with me before surgery started.

“He explained again what was going to happen, made sure I was happy to go ahead and told me it would be life changing.

“I really appreciated the honesty and time that was spent with me. I was given the chance to pull out of the surgery if I wanted to.

“I had all my teeth out, top and bottom.

“From start to finish to getting my new teeth, it took a day, but I barely remember anything about it as I had conscious sedation.

“When Anthony handed me the mirror to see my new teeth and smile for the first time, I just thought I looked fantastic, I couldn’t believe it.

“I felt tired, but walked out feeling a lot better about myself.”

After my dental implant surgery

“I knew what to expect immediately after and the days after surgery, as the TDC team had explained everything to me in detail. So, I was expecting some bruising.

“I took the medication they provided and I had no considerable pain.

“They advised me to eat softer food for a while until I got my final teeth.

That wasn’t a problem as it wasn’t for very long, and I actually enjoyed the change of diet.”

It has made an unexpectedly big difference to my self-confidence

“I’ve got so much more confidence now I’ve got my new teeth, and I have greater confidence in my personal appearance.

“Recently I spoke at two large conferences, and could laugh and smile and not feel self-conscious.

“I feel as if I’m in better shape going forward in my life overall.

“I’m psychologically happier, reinvigorated, better than before I had Smile in a Day treatment.

“It’s fair to say I have more enthusiasm for life in general.”

Now I can eat without feeling nervous

“It’s easy to forget how bad things were before the treatment.

“When I got my first set of new teeth, I was very careful and had to get used to the idea that they would not drop out.

“I got my final, long-lasting teeth just before Christmas. It was lovely to eat without being nervous about broken teeth or having to avoid some foods.

“I can eat anything now: fruits, apples, crusty baguette, steaks – hot and cold foods – anything I choose.

“I feel totally comfortable eating in public now – that’s very important to me as I attend a lot of work functions.

“It really makes a difference not worrying about what you are going to eat.”

I don’t have to worry about my teeth any more

‘After years of problems, it’s such a relief not having to think about my teeth.

“Previously I’d bleed when I brushed my teeth and had lots of infections in my gums.

“That’s all stopped.

“My dental routine at home has totally changed – I followed Anthony’s advice, and brush twice a day, just as he showed me.

“I’d worry if I wasn’t worrying about something as that’s the sort of person I am.

“At least now I don’t have to worry about my teeth!”

I was concerned my new teeth would affect my speech

“Because of all the public speaking I do, one of my main concerns about having new teeth was whether or not it would affect my speech, but this hasn’t happened at all.

“As the weeks go by, you forget that you have new teeth. In fact they feel very natural.”

What I’d say to people thinking about Smile in a Day treatment at TDC

“Simple – get it done!

“I know a lot of people of a similar age who are struggling with their teeth.

“One approach is to get things fixed as you go along. However, that won’t last, and you’ll always have problems. That wasn’t the right way forward for me.

“A key factor for me was having confidence in the people at TDC.

“You can tell from their enthusiasm and manner that they are good people – truly experts in their field.

“From day one at TDC the conversation was very clear; there were no surprises, just a great experience.

“Actually, it was fun. Dentist – fun? Whatever next!”

Book your free, no-obligation consultation*

At TDC Implant Centres, we offer free, no-obligation consultations* at our three UK dental implant centres: London Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough.

To book your no-obligation consultation, call 020 3733 9059 to speak with one of our friendly patient advisors.

** Name changed at patient request

+ With TDC Smile in a Day (a technique sometimes referred to as teeth in a day or all on four), the first fixed set of teeth is placed on the same day as dental implant surgery.

They remain in place, night and day, like natural teeth. They are exchanged for the final long-lasting set at a non-surgical appointment after about 3 months, once the bone has integrated with the dental implants.

This ensures a perfect fit with the newly settled gums and allows any requested refinements, ensuring the perfect look, fit and function of your new teeth.

* Free consultations are to discuss options and suitability for treatment. Consultations are subject to availability.