Helen’s Smile in a Day

“It’s just like a whole new me. It’s nice to see someone smiling in the mirror.”

TDC patient Helen Few had her Smile in a Day treatment at the Harley Street centre. She is now full of renewed confidence and loves her beautiful new teeth and smile.

Years of dental problems

But it wasn’t always like that. Aged 18, Helen fell and broke several of her teeth, an accident that would lead to years of severe dental problems and a fear of the dentist.

After her fall, her teeth were painful and, from then on, she didn’t really look after them. Several teeth had to be extracted as they were rotten, and she ended up with a dental plate.

“I was just so self-conscious,” she recalls.

Helen’s bad experiences led to extreme anxiety about going to the dentist throughout her adult life.

“I’d cry all the way to the dentist before my appointment and then I’d take about 5 minutes walking round and round the chair before I could sit down,” she remembers.

“I couldn’t even take my kids to the dentist. I was that scared.”

Taking the step to her new  smile

Eventually Helen knew she had to do something, but her own dentist said he couldn’t help her. He recommended coming to TDC Implant Centres to see if anything could be done.

She booked her consultation at the Harley Street centre and took the first step of a life-changing journey that would end with the beautiful new smile she had dreamed of for years.

The first consultation

Helen’s initial consultation was with TDC Lead Dentist, Dr Anthony Zybutz (left).

She says she immediately knew she was in the right place as she felt so reassured by the calm and patient approach of the whole TDC team.

“I sat here and cried for 40 minutes before they managed to get me to say anything. To them it wasn’t silly, and they made me feel so relaxed.”

Surgery day

Helen had a full set of implants and her fixed temporary teeth fitted all in a single surgical visit. She arrived in the morning with painful, loose and missing teeth and left hours later with secure, natural-looking teeth – and a beautiful smile.

And, as the temporary teeth remain fixed in the mouth until the final, permanent teeth are placed a few weeks later, there was no need to wear a denture during the healing phase.

Living with her new smile

Helen says that everything is different now that she has teeth that look, feel and function just like natural teeth, and she can smile with confidence.

Looking back, it is still quite emotional to think about the years when she couldn’t eat properly and felt so self-conscious about her teeth and plate that she covered her mouth with her hand.

“I’ve changed totally. I’ve got so much more confidence in myself. It’s just like a whole new me. It’s nice to see someone smiling in the mirror.”

Plus, she is no longer nervous of coming to the dentist and even looks forward to her maintenance appointments.

“The girls on reception are amazing. It’s like coming to see a friend rather than coming to see a dentist,” she says.

If you would like to talk to one of our Patient Advisors about how the TDC Smile in a Day same-day implants could help you restore your smile, simply call 020 3553 6415 or request your free consultation* here.