Lara’s Smile in a Day

Lara Lewis** had a full set of upper and lower teeth restored on dental implants at TDC Implant Centres in Harley Street.

Lara’s Smile in a Day story

“I had always had bad teeth.

“Over time they became unstable, and I lost one tooth.

“They were so sensitive and painful that I had to eat in only one spot in my mouth.

“Fortunately, even when they were at their worst, the issues with my teeth weren’t really noticeable to other people.

“In fact, before I had my Smile in a Day treatment, someone even complimented me on having nice teeth.”

Full mouth same day dental implants – solving all my problems in one treatment

“I decided that I wanted to get my teeth fixed properly, in order to solve my problems in a way that could last a lifetime.

“I considered various options such as single implants, crowns and bridges, but realised that they wouldn’t last long-term.

“Smile in a day same day dental implants are expensive.

“However, I knew that they would sort out all my problems in one go.

“What’s more, being able to go home with a full set of fixed teeth in one day was a game-changer for me.

“It was exactly what I wanted.”

Finding TDC Implant Centres in Harley Street

“I wanted to be treated by people who really knew what they were doing.

“I searched online for the best implant clinic in London, and TDC came up immediately.

“I looked at their website, read all the case studies and then called.”

My initial consultation

“I’m not a nervous patient so I wasn’t worried about going for my first consultation.

However, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have strong enough bones to support dental implants.

The CT scan confirmed that I needed some additional treatment including bone grafting, so Anthony created a treatment plan that would enable me to have the smile in a day procedure.

“From the very start, the TDC team made sure I knew what options were available to me, what the smile in a day treatment involved and what to expect, including the cost.

“They asked me why I wanted the treatment done and checked that I really wanted to go ahead.”

Confirming TDC were the right dentist for me

“Full mouth dental implants are a big investment.

“After my first visit to TDC, I went for a consultation with another implant dentist.

“I felt I should investigate what was being offered elsewhere and see what options another dentist might suggest.

“I quickly knew the other dentist wasn’t right for me.

They didn’t offer the same day implant treatment and told me it would take a long time to fix my teeth.

“This reassured me that TDC was where I wanted to be treated.”

Smile in a Day surgery day

“On the day that I had surgery for my dental implant placement and the first set of fixed teeth, I felt absolutely fine.

“TDC Lead Surgeon Dr Michael Zybutz and Nico the sedationist (who was excellent) both came to speak with me beforehand.

“I had conscious sedation, and the time passed comfortably and quickly.

“The case studies I’d read on the website all said that there was no pain, and I truly had no pain whatsoever.

“It was a really positive experience.”

My new teeth

“When I saw my new teeth for the first time on surgery day, I thought they looked really lovely.

“It did take a bit of time to get used to them as they were brighter than my natural teeth had been, and they felt a bit strange at first.

“On the odd occasion I felt like certain words sounded different when I spoke, but I soon got used to it and everything was fine.

Eating was no problem at all.

“My final set of fixed teeth are even better.

“The fit is a bit snugger, and they feel totally comfortable.”

No-one knew I was having new teeth implants

“I only told my close family that I was having my teeth done and they all agreed that they look really good.

“One of the best things is that no-one outside my family has remarked that I have had the procedure – and that’s the way I like it.”

I want my new teeth to last a lifetime

“The aftercare at TDC was excellent.

“I was provided with everything I needed after surgery and Anthony explained how I need to care for my new teeth to ensure they’ll last.

“My routine now is brushing my teeth twice a day and using an electric flosser.

“I also have a mouth guard for my top teeth.

“I’ll go for my regular check-ups and hygiene appointments – I’m really committed to taking care of them as I want them to last a lifetime.

“One of my temporary teeth did chip and Anthony fixed it within minutes.

“It’s reassuring to know he is there to help if anything should go wrong.”

Summing up my experience at TDC

“My experience at TDC has been good in every way, from start to finish.

“There were no problems and the whole TDC team is very caring and professional.

“Everything was good.

“My advice to anyone considering Smile in a Day dental implants at TDC is, if you can afford it, I would recommend going ahead with the procedure.

“The treatment has been worthwhile and if I look after them well, I’m confident they can last for the rest of my life.”

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* Name changed at patient request