Rosemarie’s Smile in a Day

“I feel like I’ve won £1 million on the lottery – I’ve never been happier in my life.

“I’d always been a bit nervous about going to the dentist; I had memories of when they used gas masks when I was a child. But I did manage to find a dentist that I liked.

I was a smoker for many years. I had jawbone loss and over time I lost my back teeth.

It shows if you have missing teeth when you smile.

I was using my front teeth to eat, and they were getting loose – I was getting really worried that they would fall out too. I was even having dreams about losing more teeth.

I couldn’t eat properly, and I was getting horrific nerve pain. I never take painkillers, but the pain made me feel really ill.

My own dentist told me that my only option was to have bone grafting due to the bone loss and then wear a removable denture. He actually did make three for me.

But I couldn’t bear the thought of having false teeth.”

Finding TDC Implant Centres

“I first heard about Dr Michael (Zybutz) years ago when he treated my ex-husband – he said at the time that Michael was the best and I always thought I’d like to go to him if I could. I thought he’d probably be out of my price range though.

I was prompted to actually go to TDC when I saw their Smile in a Day ad on TV.

I realised I needed dental implants, so I booked a Smile in a Day consultation with Dr Anthony (Zybutz) and I’ve never looked back.”

Surgery day

Rosemarie’s surgery for Smile in a Day full upper jaw replacement took place at the TDC Harley Street centre in November 2020.

“I was petrified on November 13th but I opted for conscious sedation during surgery and it was amazing! Time passed really quickly. I just remember music and telling the whole team that they are all geniuses!

I had absolutely no pain during the procedure and I didn’t need a single painkiller afterwards. They gave me antibiotics which I took to prevent infection.

And I didn’t have any bruising, just a tiny bit of swelling that soon went.”

“I love my new teeth”

“I just love my new teeth and smile!

I am 73 and they have changed my life. I look so much better, much younger.

But the biggest change is in my confidence.

And I can eat properly again, even though these are just my temporary teeth. They’ll be exchanged for my permanent set in a couple of months.”

“I’ve stopped smoking”

“I had been quite a heavy smoker, but I have stopped since I had my dental implant surgery.

Anthony explained that smoking can affect the healing process, so I had one last cigarette and that was it.

I’m really happy I’ve given up and it’s saved me lots of money!”

My care at TDC

“The care I received from everyone was unbelievable. They are brilliant. If it was out of 10, I’d give them 100!

They even sent me flowers after the procedure – I couldn’t believe it.

I would highly recommend TDC and I’ve told everybody about them in case they need implant treatment.

And if anyone is thinking of having treatment, they can speak to me.”

The majority our patients have at least one full set of teeth (upper jaw, lower jaw or both) restored.  If you would like to know more about the benefits of TDC Smile in a Day, or see if it could be the right solution to restore your smile and confidence, you can book your free consultation* by completing the form on this website, or by calling 020 3553 6415 to speak with one of our friendly, highly-trained Patient Advisors.