William’s Smile in a Day

William Masters** had a full set of upper and lower teeth restored on implants in one day+ at the TDC Implant Centre in Harley Street.

Many years of dental problems

“Over the years, I had all sorts of problems with my teeth.

“They were basically caused by self-inflicted neglect, primarily due to a fear of dentists.

“I used to worry about broken teeth when I ate certain foods, and it was painful when I ate anything too hot or cold.


“My dental problems also had an impact on my working life.

“My executive role in an international company means I deliver a lot of internal presentations and hold many public speaking roles.

“As my problems became worse over time, I got more and more embarrassed by my smile.

“It was depressing every time I looked in the mirror or saw a video replay.”

I was looking for a complete solution and was intrigued by same-day dental implants

“I wanted a complete solution.

“I’d had lots of dental interventions including root canals, crowns, extractions, but these were a piecemeal approach that meant expensive repeat appointments over a long period of time, and it just didn’t work for me.

“I was living abroad when I heard about TDC Smile in a Day dental implants on the radio, and I was intrigued about the one-day solution where you could get a full set of dental implants and new fixed teeth on the same day.

“When I came back to the UK I started to research online and put a lot of thought into it.

“Even though I was super squeamish about going to the dentist and I avoided dental work where I could, my 2022 new year’s resolution was to take a closer look at the treatment.”

My initial consultation at TDC Harley Street

“I had my initial consultation with Anthony (Dr Anthony Zybutz, lead dentist); the whole experience at TDC was refreshingly positive; there was no judgement at all from anyone in the team.

“In short, I came for the consultation, went for the scan and then went through the process of having my upper and lower teeth done in one day.”

I made my decision to go ahead

“I had confidence in TDC as they were open about everything, explained every aspect of the treatment and how it would all go.

“I appreciated the attention to detail and trusted in the people and the process.”

The day I got my new teeth and smile

“The day before my procedure, I was called by the anesthetist, who was brilliant.

“I explained I was nervous, but he reassured me that I would be well looked after.

“On the day, Michael (Dr Michael Zybutz, lead surgeon) spoke with me before surgery started.

“He explained again what was going to happen, made sure I was happy to go ahead and told me it would be life changing.

“I really appreciated the honesty and time that was spent with me. I was given the chance to pull out of the surgery if I wanted to.

“I had all my teeth out, top and bottom.

“From start to finish to getting my new teeth, it took a day, but I barely remember anything about it as I had conscious sedation.

“When Anthony handed me the mirror to see my new teeth and smile for the first time, I just thought I looked fantastic, I couldn’t believe it.

“I felt tired, but walked out feeling a lot better about myself.”

After my dental implant surgery

“I knew what to expect immediately after and the days after surgery, as the TDC team had explained everything to me in detail. So, I was expecting some bruising.

“I took the medication they provided and I had no considerable pain.

“They advised me to eat softer food for a while until I got my final teeth.

That wasn’t a problem as it wasn’t for very long, and I actually enjoyed the change of diet.”

It has made an unexpectedly big difference to my self-confidence

“I’ve got so much more confidence now I’ve got my new teeth, and I have greater confidence in my personal appearance.

“Recently I spoke at two large conferences, and could laugh and smile and not feel self-conscious.

“I feel as if I’m in better shape going forward in my life overall.

“I’m psychologically happier, reinvigorated, better than before I had Smile in a Day treatment.

“It’s fair to say I have more enthusiasm for life in general.”

Now I can eat without feeling nervous

“It’s easy to forget how bad things were before the treatment.

“When I got my first set of new teeth, I was very careful and had to get used to the idea that they would not drop out.

“I got my final, long-lasting teeth just before Christmas. It was lovely to eat without being nervous about broken teeth or having to avoid some foods.

“I can eat anything now: fruits, apples, crusty baguette, steaks – hot and cold foods – anything I choose.

“I feel totally comfortable eating in public now – that’s very important to me as I attend a lot of work functions.

“It really makes a difference not worrying about what you are going to eat.”

I don’t have to worry about my teeth any more

‘After years of problems, it’s such a relief not having to think about my teeth.

“Previously I’d bleed when I brushed my teeth and had lots of infections in my gums.

“That’s all stopped.

“My dental routine at home has totally changed – I followed Anthony’s advice, and brush twice a day, just as he showed me.

“I’d worry if I wasn’t worrying about something as that’s the sort of person I am.

“At least now I don’t have to worry about my teeth!”

I was concerned my new teeth would affect my speech

“Because of all the public speaking I do, one of my main concerns about having new teeth was whether or not it would affect my speech, but this hasn’t happened at all.

“As the weeks go by, you forget that you have new teeth. In fact they feel very natural.”

What I’d say to people thinking about Smile in a Day treatment at TDC

“Simple – get it done!

“I know a lot of people of a similar age who are struggling with their teeth.

“One approach is to get things fixed as you go along. However, that won’t last, and you’ll always have problems. That wasn’t the right way forward for me.

“A key factor for me was having confidence in the people at TDC.

“You can tell from their enthusiasm and manner that they are good people – truly experts in their field.

“From day one at TDC the conversation was very clear; there were no surprises, just a great experience.

“Actually, it was fun. Dentist – fun? Whatever next!”

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At TDC Implant Centres, we offer free, no-obligation consultations* at our three UK dental implant centres: London Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough.

To book your no-obligation consultation, call 020 3733 9059 to speak with one of our friendly patient advisors.

** Name changed at patient request

+ With TDC Smile in a Day (a technique sometimes referred to as teeth in a day or all on four), the first fixed set of teeth is placed on the same day as dental implant surgery.

They remain in place, night and day, like natural teeth. They are exchanged for the final long-lasting set at a non-surgical appointment after about 3 months, once the bone has integrated with the dental implants.

This ensures a perfect fit with the newly settled gums and allows any requested refinements, ensuring the perfect look, fit and function of your new teeth.

* Free consultations are to discuss options and suitability for treatment. Consultations are subject to availability.

Lara’s Smile in a Day

Lara Lewis** had a full set of upper and lower teeth restored on dental implants at TDC Implant Centres in Harley Street.

Lara’s Smile in a Day story

“I had always had bad teeth.

“Over time they became unstable, and I lost one tooth.

“They were so sensitive and painful that I had to eat in only one spot in my mouth.

“Fortunately, even when they were at their worst, the issues with my teeth weren’t really noticeable to other people.

“In fact, before I had my Smile in a Day treatment, someone even complimented me on having nice teeth.”

Full mouth same day dental implants – solving all my problems in one treatment

“I decided that I wanted to get my teeth fixed properly, in order to solve my problems in a way that could last a lifetime.

“I considered various options such as single implants, crowns and bridges, but realised that they wouldn’t last long-term.

“Smile in a day same day dental implants are expensive.

“However, I knew that they would sort out all my problems in one go.

“What’s more, being able to go home with a full set of fixed teeth in one day was a game-changer for me.

“It was exactly what I wanted.”

Finding TDC Implant Centres in Harley Street

“I wanted to be treated by people who really knew what they were doing.

“I searched online for the best implant clinic in London, and TDC came up immediately.

“I looked at their website, read all the case studies and then called.”

My initial consultation

“I’m not a nervous patient so I wasn’t worried about going for my first consultation.

However, I was concerned that I wouldn’t have strong enough bones to support dental implants.

The CT scan confirmed that I needed some additional treatment including bone grafting, so Anthony created a treatment plan that would enable me to have the smile in a day procedure.

“From the very start, the TDC team made sure I knew what options were available to me, what the smile in a day treatment involved and what to expect, including the cost.

“They asked me why I wanted the treatment done and checked that I really wanted to go ahead.”

Confirming TDC were the right dentist for me

“Full mouth dental implants are a big investment.

“After my first visit to TDC, I went for a consultation with another implant dentist.

“I felt I should investigate what was being offered elsewhere and see what options another dentist might suggest.

“I quickly knew the other dentist wasn’t right for me.

They didn’t offer the same day implant treatment and told me it would take a long time to fix my teeth.

“This reassured me that TDC was where I wanted to be treated.”

Smile in a Day surgery day

“On the day that I had surgery for my dental implant placement and the first set of fixed teeth, I felt absolutely fine.

“TDC Lead Surgeon Dr Michael Zybutz and Nico the sedationist (who was excellent) both came to speak with me beforehand.

“I had conscious sedation, and the time passed comfortably and quickly.

“The case studies I’d read on the website all said that there was no pain, and I truly had no pain whatsoever.

“It was a really positive experience.”

My new teeth

“When I saw my new teeth for the first time on surgery day, I thought they looked really lovely.

“It did take a bit of time to get used to them as they were brighter than my natural teeth had been, and they felt a bit strange at first.

“On the odd occasion I felt like certain words sounded different when I spoke, but I soon got used to it and everything was fine.

Eating was no problem at all.

“My final set of fixed teeth are even better.

“The fit is a bit snugger, and they feel totally comfortable.”

No-one knew I was having new teeth implants

“I only told my close family that I was having my teeth done and they all agreed that they look really good.

“One of the best things is that no-one outside my family has remarked that I have had the procedure – and that’s the way I like it.”

I want my new teeth to last a lifetime

“The aftercare at TDC was excellent.

“I was provided with everything I needed after surgery and Anthony explained how I need to care for my new teeth to ensure they’ll last.

“My routine now is brushing my teeth twice a day and using an electric flosser.

“I also have a mouth guard for my top teeth.

“I’ll go for my regular check-ups and hygiene appointments – I’m really committed to taking care of them as I want them to last a lifetime.

“One of my temporary teeth did chip and Anthony fixed it within minutes.

“It’s reassuring to know he is there to help if anything should go wrong.”

Summing up my experience at TDC

“My experience at TDC has been good in every way, from start to finish.

“There were no problems and the whole TDC team is very caring and professional.

“Everything was good.

“My advice to anyone considering Smile in a Day dental implants at TDC is, if you can afford it, I would recommend going ahead with the procedure.

“The treatment has been worthwhile and if I look after them well, I’m confident they can last for the rest of my life.”

Book your free, no-obligation consultation*

At TDC Implant Centres, we offer free, no-obligation consultations* at our three UK dental implant centres: London Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough.

To book your no-obligation consultation, call 020 3733 9059 to speak with one of our friendly patient advisors.

* Name changed at patient request

Simon’s Smile in a Day

In May 2022, Simon had his full set of upper teeth restored with dental implants at TDC Harley Street.

‘I played rugby from aged 11 into my 30s. It’s one of the loves of my life.

Unfortunately, when you play rugby you get the occasional accidental boot in the mouth, and I lost a lot of my teeth in my top jaw.

Some were knocked out, some broken, some cracked.

A couple of times I ended up in hospital having emergency dental treatment.

It was very painful, and these are not happy memories.’

My dental problems

‘As a consequence of my rugby injuries, I lived with a lot of dental problems over many years.

I couldn’t bite normally, and I suffered from infections and abscesses.

Many of my favourite foods, like steaks, pork chops and baguettes were off the menu.

I certainly didn’t look very attractive when I smiled because of my missing and broken teeth.

It was generally unpleasant to live with.

I never had a denture, but I did need various crowns and bridges, and had some missing teeth.

I became very nervous about going to see the dentist as my experiences had been painful, so I put up with pretty shocking teeth for many years and foolishly did not keep up with required regular maintenance.’

My dentist said they could only offer me dentures – I wanted something permanent.

‘It got to the point where I thought it was getting silly; I needed to do something about it.

My NHS dentist said my case was beyond their capability to help me, and that they could only offer me dentures.

The prospect of removable dentures was something I just couldn’t face.

I wanted something that, once done, would be permanent.

I wanted something that I felt were my own teeth, that I could be completely confident with and – providing I was sensible enough to look after them – could see me out for the rest of my life.

I wanted a solution that would allow me to eat normally again and let me feel happy to smile in family photos, without needing to keep my mouth slightly closed to avoid showing my teeth.

So I spent some time online looking at my options and reading articles.

That’s when I first came across TDC Implant Centres.’

Choosing TDC Implant Centres

‘I went to three different dentists for initial consultations.

The first two were fine but, somehow, they didn’t give me the confidence to go ahead.

I’m sure they were medically competent, but I needed to find somewhere I could trust and where I felt safe and to talk openly.

I found that with TDC in Harley Street.

I had liked what I had read about them online, and I liked the testimonials that came from what appeared to be perfectly ordinary people just like myself.

I was also impressed with the phone calls from TDC before I went in for my consultation, which explained what would be involved if I did go ahead.

My patient co-ordinator was extremely friendly, impressive, professional and reassuring and all this encouraged me to go to the appointment – even though I am a very nervous patient.

The Bupa connection was also re-assuring (TDC Implant Centres are now part of Bupa Dental Care) – that gave me additional confidence.

But most of all I liked the people, even before I met the implant dentist and the surgeon.

I felt very comfortable with it all at TDC.’

My initial consultation

‘Before my initial consultation (which was free), I watched the patient videos and looked at the ‘before and afters’ on the website.

I wanted to know as much as I could, to understand what was going to happen.

I met most of the team on my first visit.

Dr Anthony Zybutz was my implant dentist – he is incredibly professional and you get a real sense of confidence and calm when you meet him.

We talked about what I needed and wanted and discussed the options; Anthony showed me what my new teeth could look like.

Nothing was hidden, everything was made very clear to me.

I had the CT scan and received my treatment plan which explained everything about the treatment – and then I decided to go ahead.

The fact that the procedure would be completed without undue delay, and I would leave on the day of surgery with a full set of teeth, was influential in my decision.’

My Smile in a Day procedure

‘Before the surgery, I met the anaesthetist who explained the conscious sedation to me, and I also met Dr Michael Zybutz, the specialist surgeon, who talked me through the surgery.

Again, he came across as professional, caring and thoroughly competent.

I was nervous about the procedure. I didn’t believe them when they said there would be no pain.

I thought they were sugar-coating it and was expecting the experience to be very unpleasant.

However, I have no memory of the extractions and felt no pain.

I just have a very vague memory of music being played in the background and was utterly unaware, although conscious, throughout.

When the surgery was over, I walked to the recovery room and read a book.

My mouth felt a bit odd for a few days as I was getting used to the feeling of having new teeth in my mouth, but I genuinely never ever had any pain.

I cannot speak highly enough of the TDC team and how they looked after me that day.

They were all so kind.

In the recovery room when I struggled to take the tablets I was given (due to my mouth still being totally numb), the nurse was so considerate in helping me.

They are a wonderful team of people.’

The results

‘I can smile. I am pain-free. I have no more infections, no more abscesses.

‘I feel more confident in my outlook now because I know nothing is going to wobble when I brush my teeth.

‘I had explained to Anthony that I didn’t want statement teeth that were overly white – I just wanted to look natural. He delivered perfectly.

We discussed the shape, size and colour of my teeth and I was even delighted with the first temporary set (which are fixed onto the implants on the day of surgery).

I hadn’t been able to bite or chew normally for 30 years.

Now, I could bite into an apple if I wanted to!

Whilst I still have my temporaries, I am being careful. However, I am looking forward to when I have my long-lasting set as I know I’ll be able to eat steak and pork chops again!

It will be a delight to bite into a burger or pick up a baguette and not have to cut it into small pieces.

Food is an important part of my life, and I am looking forward to eating normally.

I am very happy with the results.

I’ll be going back to TDC to get my lower jaw done soon!”

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Tracy’s Smile in a Day

Tracy Sewell had a full set of upper teeth restored with dental implant treatment at TDC Implant Centres in Peterborough.

Years of living with a fear of the dentist

‘My fear of dentists started with the school dentist when I was young.

Visiting them was really unpleasant and for many years after, I avoided going to the dentist for routine checks and treatment.

Eventually I had to go as I needed some crowns and root canal treatment, but that experience wasn’t good either.

After that I refused to go back.

At one point I was introduced to a good dentist by a former boss who was also terrified of the dentist, but then I moved away to the Peterborough area where I had another painful and traumatic dental experience with yet another dentist.

I was left with four crowns at the front of my mouth that were in a bad condition; you could actually see the roots of the crowns.

They were just hanging on; it was simply a matter of time before one of the front ones would fall off.

In fact, I’d lost a tooth on the left-hand side and had gone as far as to glue in a fake tooth just to try and cover it up.’

I was very self-conscious about my teeth

‘I was self-conscious about my teeth all the time, in interviews, meetings and socially as well.

I’m quite outgoing and I do laugh and giggle a lot, but I would always cover my face and avoid being in photographs.

Whenever I did get caught on camera I hated it, and if ever I took a selfie myself, I would edit it so you couldn’t see my teeth or so they looked better.

It was restricting my nature.’

Embarrassment drove me to look for a solution

‘Fortunately, my teeth weren’t painful. It was embarrassment about how my teeth looked and being uncomfortable socially that made me start looking for a solution.

As they were in a very poor condition, I knew I had to do something pretty drastic even though I was so terrified of the dentist.

I’d heard about same-day implants from TDC’s radio ads and was drawn by the Smile in a Day aspect.

I liked the fact that they could do it all in a short period of time, simply going to have the surgery on the day and coming out with a good set of fixed teeth.

It was the quick turnaround and the painlessness of the surgery that attracted me.’

Researching the right place to go

‘As well as hearing the radio ads, I also remembered seeing something about Dr Michael Zybutz (TDC Lead Surgeon and Specialist Periodontist) on TV.

I read some of the testimonials and reviews on their website written by other TDC patients who had similar and even worse conditions than I had, and I liked what I saw.

I could see that they had similar histories and dental problems and were very scared of dentists, and they’d all had the Smile in a Day implants.

They all indicated it wasn’t painful, which was obviously a big deal for me.

That’s when I thought it could be the right solution for me.

Because TDC specialised in providing this dental implant surgery and fixed teeth in one day, and because they were so experienced in looking after patients with a fear of the dentist, I plucked up the courage and I went to see them.’

My initial consultation

‘My initial consultation was with my implant dentist, Dr Martin Zunde, who looked after the look, fit and function of my new teeth.

Working myself up to even go into TDC was difficult, but the staff there were really good.

They were very caring, very professional and very friendly.

They made me feel comfortable even though I was gripping onto the chair with all my strength from being so terrified, but they were able to get me to relax and talked through what was going to happen.

They explained all about the implant treatment, how I would have the temporary set of fixed teeth for a period of time, and that I would have the final, long-lasting set after that.’

The day I got my new smile

‘They had explained the treatment right from the moment I walked into TDC, so I knew what to expect on surgery day.

I met the rest of the team; the anaesthetist and Dr Michael, the implant surgeon. My patient co-ordinator, Clair, sat with me and even held my hand at one point just to make sure I was happy and comfortable.’

It really was painless

‘They had told me the actual surgery would be painless, and it really was painless. I can hand on heart tell anyone that it’s not at all painful.

Seeing my new teeth for the first time

“At the end of the day when they put a mirror in front of me, I gave the biggest grin you’ve ever seen.

Whilst I had high expectations, they exceeded all of them.

I hadn’t smiled that widely for so many years because of the embarrassment, and it was brilliant.

I just had a big beaming smile.

They’d done a brilliant job.

Even though that was just the first temporary set, they were 100% better than my original teeth so I would’ve quite happily continued with them in place – they looked really good from day one.

I walked out of that dental surgery with a good smile and everybody complimented me on my smile from that point onwards.

Three months later, I went back to have the final set of teeth placed.

Once again, I was absolutely delighted and walked out of there with a great big beaming smile.’

The aftercare was really good

‘The aftercare treatment was really good as well.

They sent me home on surgery day with a little pack that included dental brushes, mouthwash and all sorts of hygiene equipment to make sure I looked after my new teeth in the three-month period before I got my final set.

They also talked to me about dental care, how to look after my teeth, what I needed to do and what I could and shouldn’t eat during that initial period.’

The difference Smile in a Day has made to my life

‘Since my treatment, I’ve started smiling again.

From the moment I had my teeth done I started taking selfies, posting on social media and telling people to have a look. People that knew me well recognised the difference straight away.

Being able to eat again without worrying is also great.

However, it was the confidence my new teeth brought that was really the biggest thing for me.

Being able to be myself again, to smile and laugh and not feel embarrassed anymore – it’s fantastic.’

I just wish I’d gone to TDC 10 years earlier

‘I’d heard of TDC, I’d seen them advertise Smile in a Day and I’d thought about it. But I’d put it off as I was scared.

They didn’t put any pressure on me at all, but they encouraged me and made me feel comfortable. In doing so, they made me feel confident in their ability.

Knowing how it’s worked out, how amazing they were right from the moment I went in, how it’s built up my confidence in dentists, how I feel about myself and how I feel about my smile – I just wish I’d done it 10 years earlier.’

What I’d say to anyone considering Smile in a Day at TDC Implant Centres

‘I would recommend TDC to family and friends, and absolutely anyone.

I cannot fault them.

I cannot fault the staff as they’ve been absolutely brilliant.

If anyone out there has similar circumstances – if they are afraid of dentists, if they’ve got problems with their teeth – 100% contact TDC .

They are absolutely exceptional.

I trusted what they were going to do and trusted what they were saying to me and how it was going to go. They followed through on that and delivered everything they promised.’

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Victoria’s Smile in a Day

In June 2021, Victoria* underwent full upper and lower jaw Smile in a Day dental implant treatment at the TDC Harley Street Centre.

Her dental implants and a first set of fixed teeth were replaced on the same day, restoring a natural-looking smile in a matter of hours.

Victoria’s Story

“I had never really liked my natural teeth; my bottom teeth were a bit higgledy piggledy, and the top teeth were quite yellow.

Then I developed gum disease and age-related gum shrinkage so went to Guys Hospital every 3 months for a deep clean. This isn’t pleasant, especially when you have to do it on a regular basis for over two years. And the problems didn’t even improve much.

At the end of November 2020, I developed real sensitivity which meant I couldn’t eat very hot or cold food, so when I cooked I had to put my food aside to leave it to cool.

I’m a real foodie and eating out at nice restaurants with friends has been a big part of my life, so I found it very hard that I couldn’t enjoy eating the foods I love any more.’

‘My problems were getting worse – I needed to do something’

‘When I was told another tooth needed to come out – I just burst into tears.

I remember my parents with teeth in a glass by their bed and that’s where I was headed. I knew I didn’t want to wear dentures, and I wanted to be able to eat normally, without worrying about my teeth. But I didn’t know what to do.’

‘A neighbour introduced me to TDC’

‘It was a neighbour who told me about TDC Implant Centres. She had had dental problems herself and had seen their ad for Smile in a Day on TV.

So, I Googled TDC and read all the reviews. In fact, I did lots of research into loads of companies offering dental implants, including some locally and even abroad.’

‘Why I chose TDC – my problems could be sorted in one day’

‘TDC Smile in a Day treatment interested me as I could get everything sorted in one go*.

The alternative was to go on for years, having lots of treatment as my problems got worse. I would have been in and out of the dentist’s chair and the cost over time wouldn’t have been any less.

And it helped that TDC do offer interest-free credit as it’s a big investment – not all dentists do.’

Totally bespoke service

‘A key thing for me in choosing TDC was also that everything they do is totally bespoke and crafted especially for you, rather than having to settle for a fixed design.

I think that’s an important part of the service when you are investing a lot of money.

Although I didn’t have this treatment for cosmetic reasons, the fact that you have the freedom to change the look and feel of your teeth as you want is important.

At some dentists that I looked into, you had to choose a fixed design and had the choice out of 6 tooth colour options.

At TDC they really look at you and your mouth and they even took my personality into account.

You can change anything until it is exactly as you want it – tooth colour, shape – so you really get the teeth and smile you want. They are totally designed for you.’

My care at TDC Harley Street

‘When I went for my first consultation there was no judgement at all from Anthony or the team.

I found the TDC approach to be very considered.

I just wanted an end to pain and suffering, and to get it over and done with, and they recognised that. They weren’t initially sure whether they needed to remove all my existing teeth, but they analysed the scan, deliberated the best route and gave me options so I could decide.

I decided to have my remaining teeth removed and to have full upper and lower teeth restored on dental implants.

The care during treatment and the aftercare is really re-assuring – it really is your personal experience – 100%.

It didn’t feel like a conveyor belt just trying to treat as many people as possible, it was a very personal touch. They really listen to you.’

‘I was anxious about the surgery’

‘I was very anxious about the actual surgery; after all, I was having lots of teeth out, and having the implants placed on the same day.

I spoke to Nico, the anaesthetist, about my concerns – he made sure I was sedated the whole time and I was only aware of anything when they did the drilling, but there was no pain.

And afterwards there was much less discomfort than I was expecting. I took some painkillers for a couple of days then stopped altogether. I took Ibuprofen for some swelling and had a bit of bruising for a few days.’

My new teeth

‘When I saw my new teeth on the same day, I couldn’t believe it. I was absolutely gobsmacked.

I wanted a better version of my natural teeth, and that is what they gave me.

My new teeth suit my mouth, they are just wonderful.

It did take a bit of getting used to having the new teeth and building up confidence to bite and chew normally. It is a strange feeling, but you get used to them quickly.

I have just got my permanent teeth. They feel more refined, they feel smoother.

I am really happy as they look so natural, even though they are a lot whiter than my natural teeth.

I’ve told very few people that I have had the treatment, but I’ve been away on holiday twice since having my teeth done, and people have remarked what lovely smile I have.’

How my life has changed

‘I haven’t looked back.

Before coming to TDC, I just didn’t know what to do about the problems I was having with my teeth, and had worried about it for years.

It was an on-going worry in my life – if I had had a denture, I would have hidden myself away.

Now it is done, finished, over.

I don’t have to think about those problems anymore.

It is a huge relief to know I’m able to eat properly again – I can eat hot and cold foods without worrying – I can enjoy my gin and tonic, and I have a Magnum each evening!

Even with my temporary fixed teeth I could eat things I wasn’t able to eat before. I went on holiday to Madeira and could eat steaks and pizza just like my friends.’

‘I hadn’t expected how much confidence I would get’

‘What I hadn’t expected was how much confidence I would get – it is incredible.

Before, I just wasn’t very smiley; now I am beaming and grinning from ear to ear.

I wouldn’t say it has changed my personality, but I do feel I have more confidence.

Previously in photos I would grimace or turn my head to the side rather than smile and show my teeth – now I’m at the front!

It’s such a huge difference in a way I hadn’t contemplated. I had been motivated because I wanted to be able to eat normally but this as a real unexpected benefit.’

*Name changed at patient’s request.

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At TDC Implant Centres, we offer free, no-obligation consultations* at our three UK dental implant centres: London Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough. To book your no-obligation consultation, call 020 3553 6415 to speak with one of our friendly Patient Advisors.

*With TDC Smile in a Day (a technique sometimes referred to as Teeth in a Day or All on Four), the first fixed set of teeth is placed on the same day as dental implant surgery.

They remain in place, night and day like natural teeth, until they are exchanged for the final long-lasting set at a non-surgical appointment after about 3 months, once the bone has integrated with the implants.

This ensures a perfect fit with the newly settled gums and allows any requested refinements, ensuring the perfect aesthetics.



Robert F’s Smile in a Day

Robert Frost had his full lower jaw of teeth replaced with Smile in a Day dental implants at the TDC Implant Centre in London Harley Street.

My background

‘I am 72 and had been a heavy smoker since my youth.

I finally managed to give up in the year 2000 (a single session of hypnotherapy, in Harley Street, as it happens).

By that time the damage had been done – my teeth were in a bad way and my gums were receding.

My top teeth eventually became loose and were extracted in 2008 and replaced by a denture, which I still have.

My bottom teeth were little better and to retain them for as long as I could, the middle four were ‘bonded’ together.

Now and again one or more would ‘break loose’ and require visits to my ever-patient dentist. Meantime, my remaining teeth got gradually worse, and the gums further receded.

Each year that passed made me more and more depressed.

I was unable to eat many of the foods I had previously enjoyed, and I avoided chewing in a vain attempt to keep my remaining teeth in place.

My teeth looked awful, and I was embarrassed in company.’

I was convinced that nothing could be done for me

‘I had convinced myself that, because the gums had receded so much, any denture which I might eventually need would not stay in place due to bone loss and that I wouldn’t be suitable for dental implants. These thoughts made me both upset and irritable and I could not foresee any great future for myself.

Eventually I convinced myself that something needed to be done and so looked online for options.

TDC’s site came up and having read their ‘blurb’ and having got over the initial shock of the price (yes, it is expensive but ended up being one of the best investments I could have made for myself), I decided to go for an initial consultation – mainly to confirm my fears that bone loss would prevent treatment.

I did find other websites offering similar results but there was something that convinced me that if I was going to spend my savings on a way forward it should be ‘from the best’.

My initial consultation at TDC

‘I made my first visit to TDC Harley Street and was immediately impressed with Anthony’s positive approach to my case.

Professional and friendly, he led me through the procedures and allowed me ample time to talk through my concerns.

I was really put at ease and felt like they really did care.

A way forward – even with my bone loss

I followed up with the CT scan and was overjoyed on my next visit to be told that I could have treatment even with my bone loss.

From that point there was not much of a decision to be made – the expense was forgotten (to an extent) and replaced by the thought that a way forward was possible. I decided to go ahead.’

Surgery day – a whole new set of lower teeth

‘The day of the ‘operation’ came – the day when my dental implants and a full lower jaw of new teeth would be placed.

My wife was very concerned as I didn’t seem worried about the surgery as I am usually quite jumpy and tense when I have dental treatment, but at TDC I didn’t feel like that.

I knew exactly what was going to happen as it was all thoroughly explained.

I met Michael (Specialist Periodontist Dr Michael Zybutz, TDC’s Lead Surgeon) and Nico, the anaesthetist, as I had decided to opt for ‘conscious sedation’ which made the whole thing painless.

All aspects of the operation were brilliant. I was so impressed, everything was laid out and communicated well.

Yes, it was a long day, but I never felt anything other than confidence in the whole team.

I left with a whole set of fixed bottom teeth and a happier future to look forward to.’

After surgery

“After the surgery, my wife and I went back to the hotel where I ate a whole tub of ice-cream!

I had a small amount of discomfort as you would expect after a dental procedure, and a little bit of bruising for a few days afterwards, but nothing to worry about.

I’ve still got my first temporary teeth* and I’ll be ecstatic if my permanent set look like these!”

“The change to my life has been brilliant.”

‘The truth is, it has made a huge difference and I wish I’d made the decision to do it earlier.

Before having my implants at TDC, I’d have to choose food I didn’t have to chew if I went to a restaurant.

Now I can eat what I want, stuff that I haven’t eaten in years.

My outlook has changed.

I wake up in the morning and face life without continual worry about my teeth.

Subconsciously it always affected me.

And I think my wife is happy. The worry when my bonded teeth got loose made me a bit uppity – now she says I look a bit like a film star. That’s a bit of a boost!”

I wanted to keep it a secret – now I’m happy to talk about it!

‘One thing that had concerned me was friends finding out about that I had dental implants.

I had threatened my wife ‘on pain of death’ to keep the whole thing secret, such was my embarrassment about my teeth and dentures.

But as with all things, the secret got out and I realised that I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be.

The end result was so good – my teeth looked so good – that I was absolutely fine when people asked me about it.

A better future to look forward to

And that is the thing; my confidence has been restored and my future looks so much improved.

I only wish I had made the decision many years earlier.”

You won’t regret it

“If anyone is considering Smile in a Day treatment at TDC I’d be very happy to have a word and share my experience.

I was 100% happy from start to finish.

The care at TDC is really professional and friendly. You won’t regret it.’

About TDC Smile in a Day

*With TDC Smile in a Day, your first fixed set of teeth is placed on the same day as your dental implants.

They remain in place, night and day like natural teeth, until they are exchanged for the final long-lasting set at a non-surgical appointment after about 3 months, once your bone has integrated with the implants.

This ensures a perfect fit with the newly settled gums and allows any requested refinements to ensure the perfect aesthetics.

Billy’s Smile in a Day

“I’d been wearing a top denture for the best part of ten years, and my bottom teeth weren’t good.

With TDC Smile in a Day, I got my perfect smile instantly – it was exactly what I was looking for.”

In June 2021, Billy* had full upper and lower jaws restored with Smile in a Day dental implants at the TDC Implant Centre in Peterborough.

My denture was uncomfortable

“There were multiple reasons why my teeth were in a very bad state.

Nine years ago, I had my upper teeth replaced with a full denture, and I disliked everything about it.

It wasn’t comfortable, and a real downside was that it wouldn’t stay in place, even when I first had it done and the fit is supposed to be perfect.

Denture glue only works for a certain amount of time, even when you take out the denture, clean it and apply more adhesive.

So, I could only eat when my teeth were held strongly enough in place. It’s not ideal for a night out, and I lived like that for 8 or 9 years.”

I needed to find another solution

“I realised that my remaining teeth (bottom jaw) were not in a good state, and I probably needed a lower denture too.

When I looked online, lots of people said that having a lower denture is even less comfortable.

I couldn’t imagine anything worse, so I started to look for another solution.

I was aware of the Smile in a Day** process (where dental implants and a first set of fixed teeth are placed on the same day), so I saved until I was in a position to get it done.”

Finding TDC Implant Centres

“I found TDC online.

I live in Peterborough, and I knew exactly where they were. I looked at the patient reviews and checked them out online. There was nothing to put me off, so I went in for a consultation with Martin (Dr Martin Zunde).

The consultation was perfect; I don’t have a bad word to say. They were honest and straightforward, and I didn’t feel worried about asking anything.

Although I’m not a very nervous patient, it is embarrassing when your teeth are in a very bad state, but I didn’t feel judged. They just told me my options.”

The day my implants and new teeth were placed

“I can’t remember much about surgery day. I remember reading a patient review saying they had no pain and time went really fast – and that is how it was for me.

I was totally comfortable and didn’t feel a thing. It was exactly what I was hoping for with sedation.

When I saw my new teeth for the first time that same day it was great.

I’d been wearing a top denture for the best part of ten years, and my bottom teeth weren’t good.

With Smile in a Day, I got my perfect smile instantly – top and bottom – it was exactly what I was looking for.

I’d been advised that there might be some bruising and swelling after my surgery, but I didn’t have anything at all, and I was really surprised how little bleeding there was. A small amount of bruising came out about 6 days after surgery, just a slight yellowing of my skin.

The only discomfort I had was when I lay down at night, so I took painkillers for a few days afterwards, but even that wasn’t bad.”

Eating after dental implant surgery

“When I first had my denture, it took a good couple of months to get used to eating with them, but eating with my new dental implants has been fine, like I’ve always had them.

I ate soft foods at the beginning like scrambled eggs, mince and chicken, and that suited me as those are the kinds of food I like to eat.

I was lucky that eating was never a really big problem for me, although I couldn’t bite into a burger or sandwich before and I can now! That is definitely an improvement!”

Living with my new fixed teeth

“The biggest difference since having Smile in a Day is the appearance of my teeth. People say they look really good.

The temporary teeth fitted great, but the final set are even better due to the impressions taken after my gums had settled after the surgery.

They look perfect and I am extremely happy with the end results.

Before, I didn’t smile properly as I didn’t want to show my teeth. I was self-conscious.

Now I have the confidence to give a big full smile.

I have a million-dollar smile!”

My experience at TDC

“Overall, everything about my treatment has been perfect. There was not a single thing wrong.

Clair (Patient Co-ordinator at TDC Peterborough) was my first point of contact, and you can tell she really cares when she’s doing her job.

She really understands as she’s been through the process herself – that’s a rare thing.

She always kept me updated and informed and even worked around my shift patterns to accommodate me for calls and appointments.”

“I would 100% recommend TDC without a doubt”

“When I was doing my research, I did look at other companies for comparison. I looked at case histories, the process and the actual dentists and their credentials.

I knew straightaway that TDC were ideal for me.

Yes, the cost was a bit more expensive, but if you want something important done (like advanced dental surgery) it’s worth paying for the best. And being right on my doorstep in Peterborough was ideal!”

Book your free, no-obligation consultation*

We offer free, no-obligation consultations* at our three UK dental implant centres: London Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough. To book your consultation, call 020 3553 6415 to speak with one of our friendly Patient Advisors.

**About TDC Smile in a Day

With TDC Smile in a Day same day dental implants, (a technique sometimes referred to as Teeth in a Day or All on Four), the first fixed set of teeth is placed on the same day as your dental implants.

They remain in place, night and day like natural teeth, so there is no need to wear a removable denture during the healing phase (while the bone integrates with the implants). They are exchanged for the final long-lasting set after about 3 months at a non-surgical appointment .

This ensures a perfect fit with the newly settled gums and allows any requested refinements to ensure the perfect aesthetics.

*Name changed at patient request.

Magdalena’s Smile in a Day

“When I was 15 someone remarked that I had a crooked smile.

 From that moment, I just stopped smiling.

I just didn’t smile at all anymore – I just kept my mouth closed.”

For Magdalena, brought up in Poland and now living in England, that comment – along with a bad experience at an orthodontist – started a lifetime of problems with her teeth.

It affected her confidence and eventually her ability to eat the foods she loved.

“I started to avoid the dentist”

“When I was young, I used to look after my teeth and had always enjoyed going to the dentist.

But I am quite a serious person and that comment about my crooked teeth really affected me. Not only did I stop smiling, but I started to neglect my teeth and by the time I was 18, it became painful whenever I went to the dentist.

Eventually I felt so ashamed of showing them my mouth that I stopped going to the dentist altogether.

It became a cycle – I wasn’t looking after my teeth, but had also developed a dental phobia so I avoided going to the dentist for help.

Over time, I lost my back teeth, so couldn’t eat properly anymore. Then my two front teeth became wobbly.

My dentist tried to repair them by inserting posts and building them up, but they were still always wobbly.”

“My teeth affected my confidence and my ability to eat”

“I couldn’t bite into food because of my front teeth, or chew because of my missing back teeth.

I had to eat soft foods – and avoid lots of foods like fruit and nuts that I love.

I was always having to think about what I could eat.

And all of this really affected my confidence.

I always had a voice in my head saying to be careful, don’t smile, don’t show your teeth.”

“I even hid my teeth from my children”

“I was actually so ashamed of my teeth, that I kept them hidden from everyone – even my children.

I didn’t want them to see them as I didn’t want to be a bad example for them.”

Taking the decision to get dental implants

In 2020 Magdalena told her children that that she wanted to have dental implants to solve her problems and they encouraged her to do it.

“I planned to go back to Poland as I knew it would be cheaper there, but I was worried about what I’d do if I had any problems and if I had to keep going back.  So I decided to get them done in England.”

But Magdalena didn’t know how to find the right dental implant team for her – one that she could trust – especially as she was such a nervous patient.

“I found TDC through personal recommendation – Helen Few, who’d had her Smile in a Day treatment at TDC Harley Street.

Our daughters are friends, so I was able to talk to Helen about her own experience (she was also terrified of visiting the dentist before her TDC Smile in a Day procedure).

She recommended Michael and Anthony, I looked at the website with the patient stories, then I booked my consultation.”

My treatment at TDC

“My initial consultation was with Anthony. I took my daughter with me for emotional support as I don’t think I would have gone by myself!

I was afraid of the surgery – I was very nervous, but it went so smoothly. I had sedation – I don’t think I would have done it otherwise as I was so afraid.

I met the whole team and everyone was so nice – Nico, the anaesthetist was great, so lovely, and so was the nurse who looked after me.

At the end of the day, when Anthony showed me my new teeth in the mirror for the first time, it was like a shock. I couldn’t believe they were my teeth.

I had a small amount of bruising and a little bit of discomfort afterwards but, but I took the painkillers and was fine. I slept well.”

Learning to smile again

“I’ve now got my permanent teeth and they feel even better than the first fixed teeth that I got on surgery day. Anthony slightly adjusted the size and shape and they feel like natural teeth – I feel I can even talk better.

I’m learning to smile again as I didn’t smile for so many years. I stand in front of the mirror and practice.

I like myself and my smile when I look in the mirror – I like what I see.

I smile to myself all the time – that’s lovely.

I feel much more confident in myself.”

The changes in me

“There have been so many benefits to having my Smile in a Day dental implants – it’s like I’m myself again, thanks to my implants.

My soul is lighter – without worries.

I can eat without worrying as well – buying baby carrots in Marks & Spencer and being able to bite into them – I love them! I can eat carrots, apples – anything!

I am currently studying and have lectures online. Before I had my teeth done, I used to think about how to position myself on camera as I was embarrassed about my teeth.

Now I can relax – I smile, talk freely and can just be myself.

I just don’t have to think about my teeth any more – I can just be myself. It makes me feel free.”

“I am very grateful to TDC”

“Everyone at TDC was so professional. I feel they really took care of me just as they said they would.

I didn’t just feel like a patient – I felt like they really cared, that I was important – like being part of a family.

There was a real personal connection, and I am very grateful.

If anyone asked, I would really recommend TDC.”

Debbie’s Smile in a Day

Debbie’s* dental problems started a couple of years ago when her teeth started to loosen.

In October 2020 she had her full upper arch of teeth replaced on TDC Smile in a Day same day dental implants.

“I knew dentures were not for me”

“After my teeth started to loosen, two of my back teeth fell out. My dentist told me I needed to have a denture to replace the missing teeth, so he made me one to go at the back of my mouth.

I knew straight away that dentures were not for me. As soon as the denture was in my mouth I started to gag. I persevered but had to take it out to eat and it just made me miserable.

I looked into flexi-dentures as they clip into place and don’t cover the palate. My dentist made one for me, and that helped until the bridge on the other side of my mouth became loose, which meant I could no longer have a flexi-denture.

At that point, my dentist said my options were to go back to dentures or consider dental implants.”

How I found TDC

“My dentist recommended someone who could do dental implants, but I wanted to research for myself.

I’d remembered seeing TDC Implant Centres placing Smile in a Day implants on “Botched Up Bodies” and I managed to find the episodes online.

I looked into TDC and went for an initial consultation.

My husband really supported me – he said to go for it, that I had nothing to lose as he knew how miserable it was making me.”

“They kept their word – no sedation and no pain”

“I am a very anxious person and was very nervous about the surgery, but I decided not to have sedation as I wanted to be 100% aware of everything that was going on.

I went into the Harley Street centre at 8am, met with Michael (TDC Lead Surgeon Dr Michael Zybutz) who reassured me that even though I hadn’t opted for sedation, I would not be in any pain.

They kept their word. Michael numbed my mouth, and I did not feel a single bit of pain whatsoever.

After surgery when my dental implants were placed, Anthony (TDC Lead Dentist Dr Anthony Zybutz) was waiting for me and I rested whilst my first set of fixed new teeth were made.

That was the best thing – I went in with some teeth that morning and left with teeth that same day.”

Seeing my new teeth and smile for the first time

“I felt elated when I saw my new teeth for the first time, it was fantastic.

It was a shock to see that they looked so great, and they were only the temporaries.

My husband couldn’t believe it when he saw them. He was absolutely amazed and so was my son. Everyone said how great they looked.”

My experience at TDC

“The TDC Harley Street team were fantastic – everyone was very welcoming and reassuring throughout the whole process.

They made sure I was always comfortable and could call up at any time if I had any worries.”

“So pleased I had it done”

“Because my problems weren’t visible from the front, lots of people couldn’t understand why I’d had my teeth done.

But you couldn’t have known all the problems I was having just by looking at me, so no-one else really knew how my teeth were loosening and how I had to wear a denture.

For some people dentures work fine, but it just wasn’t for me.

I still feel young and I just couldn’t face living the rest of my years with a denture. Apart from the gagging, having to take them out to eat, all the cleaning and putting them in a pot at night.

And I feel a lot more confident when I’m mixing with other people now. Before, I used to try to distance myself because of my teeth.

I never thought about going abroad for treatment, but I do know people who went to other dentists for their implant treatment.

To be honest, I did consider other companies myself – but I really wanted to go to the best.”

*Name changed at patient’s request

Wayne’s Smile in a Day

Total Dentalcare (TDC) patient Wayne Brown completed his Smile in a Day same-day dental implant treatment in late 2019.

He now has a full set of new upper and lower teeth, securely fixed on dental implants.

“My implants have completely changed my life.  I am a new person.”

Not only that, his new smile won the award for the UK’s Best Dental Makeover at the 2020 global My Face My Body Awards.

Before treatment, Wayne had lived with severe gum disease for many years and found himself with loose teeth that were gradually falling out, and wearing a partial denture in his lower jaw.

“I had serious gum disease and I was losing teeth”

“I had problems with my gums that affected my lower teeth first, then affected my top teeth.

It was serious gum disease. My gums were receding which meant that my teeth were loose and falling out – I had lost all my back teeth.

I had to be careful about what I ate – I couldn’t eat things like crunchy apples and wasn’t able to chew meat.

And I couldn’t laugh and smile as much as I wanted to.”

Finding TDC Implant Centres

“It got to the point where my usual dentist advised me that I would eventually need to have all my teeth replaced.

We discussed my options, including full dentures – which I didn’t want – so I decided to look into things myself.

I heard an ad for TDC Smile in a Day when I was listening to LBC radio. I looked them up, read the information and patient reviews on their website, and booked my consultation at the Harley Street Centre.

“My experience at TDC was good from the start.”

“When I went for my initial consultation, Anthony looked at my teeth and, after I’d had the x-ray, he confirmed that I did need all my teeth replaced.

We talked through all the treatments I could consider and I decided that, although it wasn’t cheap, having Smile in a Day dental implants would be worth it.

I could keep trying to have individual teeth fixed, but that wasn’t a permanent solution and would be a waste of money.”

The day I got my smile back

“When it came to surgery day, I was nervous.

I arrived for 8am and they had explained that I would be there all day.

During surgery I was semi-awake as I chose to have sedation. The team were around me and they reassured me, and they listened to music.

I felt very comfortable and hardly felt a thing.

The only discomfort I felt was a bit the next day, but I took the medication they had given me, and it was all fine. My face was swollen for about a week and I stuck to soft food.”

Seeing my new teeth for the first time

“When I looked in the mirror at the end of the day, I felt confident – I felt better.

I felt my confidence come back, even though it was just the temporary (fixed) teeth.

I had the confidence to smile.”

Living with my new teeth and smile

“My permanent teeth (fitted about three month later after the healing phase) fit even better.

It took a little bit of getting used to the feeling of having new teeth, and my speech was a bit different for a bit, but now I don’t even realise I have them in.

Now I can eat, no problem – even crunchy apples – and with my front teeth.

I enjoy a full diet now, I can chew meat, just as if I had natural teeth.

I only told a few friends and family that I was having my teeth done. Some didn’t even notice as they look so natural, others asked me how my teeth looked so good!

For me the whole package is important – being able to eat and being able to smile.”

“I would definitely recommend TDC”

“At every stage of my treatment at TDC, I felt comfortable and reassured.

They told me how to look after my new teeth and I’ve not had one problem.

I’m happy to laugh and smile now.

If you have the money, I would definitely recommend TDC – the treatment is top notch.

Anthony has done a great job!”