What is TDC Smile in a Day?

If you have loose or missing teeth, wear dentures or have to avoid eating certain foods, our Smile in a Day same-day dental implant treatment will transform your life.

This scientifically proven technique gives you a permanent, worry-free dental solution that looks, feels and works just like real teeth.

Until about 2004 the only real alternative to dentures was traditional dental implant surgery. Treatment could take months, and often meant that dentures had to be worn throughout.

TDC Smile in a Day uses dental implants that are precisely placed to maximise use of the available bone so that dental implants and fixed teeth can be fitted in one day. Led by Lead Surgeon and Specialist Periodontist, Dr Michael Zybutz, we routinely help people with extreme bone loss, including patients who have been told by their dentist that they are not suitable for implants or that nothing can be done for them.

Our team performs hundreds of Smile in a Day treatments every year and treats self-referred patients as well as receiving referrals from dentists all around the world.

How does Smile in a Day work?

Smile in a Day is a ground-breaking procedure that uses specially constructed titanium rods that are placed at a specific angle. This means that, unlike with traditional implants, there is no need for bone grafting.

You don’t have to worry about wearing dentures while waiting for your implants to heal – with same-day dental implants you are fitted with a set of fixed, natural-looking temporary teeth that are designed to speed up the healing process.

After about three months they are replaced with a final, permanent set of new teeth, restoring your smile and your confidence – all at a very affordable cost.

The benefits of Smile in a Day dental implants

  • Your smile and your confidence will be restored
  • It is a long-lasting solution – the next best thing to natural teeth
  • Your dental implants and a set of fixed teeth are placed in a single day
  • You will be able to eat normally and enjoy even chewy, crunchy foods
  • The majority of cases can be treated
  • The procedure is virtually pain-free, with minimal recovery time
  • No more dental pain or embarrassment from dentures, loose or missing teeth
  • They are less expensive than traditional implants.

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TDC has helped hundreds of patients get their smile back in just one day. We own and run UK clinics in London Harley Street, Peterborough and Folkestone. To find out how you too can smile again with confidence, speak to one of our friendly Patient Advisors by calling 02035536415 or by booking a free consultation.


Patient Reviews

"TDC were my last hope of having permanent teeth. I am so very grateful to them"

Case Studies

"It’s truly life-changing to be able to eat and smile again."

– Rebecca Webbon
   seen on ”This Time Next Year”


"TDC same day implants gave me my smile AND my life back."

– Graham Barrow