"I can't recommend them enough," says TDC patient John, "They're life-changing." John talks about his personal Smile in a Day experience.
John Loach
For years Janet hated looking in the mirror and covered her mouth when she smiled.  Having her teeth done was the trigger to a happier life...
Janet Payne
Watch Jonathan talk about his life before and after his life-changing TDC Smile in a Day treatment.
Jonathan Anderson
Shannon explains how TDC Smile in a Day helped her overcome her dental phobia and restored her self-confidence.
Shannon Crisp
After years of neglecting his teeth, a TDC patient talks about the difference Smile in a Day has made to his life.
Patient 1
Keen to avoid dentures, Jackie opted for TDC Smile in a Day dental implants instead and is delighted with her beautiful new smile.
Jackie Nightingill
Smile in a Day dental implants have enabled this TDC patient to eat whatever he wants.
Patient 2
Find out how Smile in a Day helped this TDC patient whose painful teeth made it difficult to eat.
Patient 3