Rebecca A’s Smile in a Day

“At TDC, I didn’t feel judged. They didn’t make me feel bad. That means a lot.”

TDC patient Rebecca Acklin had been thinking about how to solve her dental problems for a very long time, and finally had her upper and lower jaw Smile in a Day dental implant treatment in December 2019.

“To be honest, I had neglected my dental hygiene over many years.

I had severe gum disease and underlying infections, so my teeth were in a bit of a state.

They were so loose, and I was getting very worried about losing my front teeth.

I was very self-conscious about meeting people and used to avoid going out.

It took me five years to build up the courage to do anything about it, and I thought ‘I’m not having another year like this’.

I heard the TDC ad on the radio talking about Smile in a Day, so I decided to take the plunge. I couldn’t have gone on for much longer.”

Why I chose TDC Smile in a Day

“I was so nervous going for my initial dental implant consultation, but when I got to TDC everyone was just so kind – I can’t tell you how important it was to me that they didn’t make me feel judged.

I knew my teeth were bad, but the people at TDC didn’t make me feel embarrassed.

I felt like they just wanted to help me – they are the experts, this is what they do, and they see people with problems like me all the time.

At TDC, it doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is; they look after you every step of the way.

They truly are so kind, from the first time you meet them to the day of surgery and the aftercare.

It’s a real team effort – from the dentists to the lovely dental nurses and the lady on Reception – everyone seems to care and take the time to look after you. They really do make time for you.”

Not all dentists are like TDC

“Before I went to TDC I did quite a lot of research. Everyone says they do dental implants, but they don’t have 25 years’ experience like TDC.

And the costs pretty much work out about the same.

And not everyone is as kind. I’d been to a local dentist and paid £300 for a consultation and scan. They said “ Yes, your teeth are rotten,” and made me feel embarrassed.

I was in a lot of pain from my back teeth, but they just sent me away without trying to help me. They never sent me a treatment plan, and didn’t even email to see if I was ok afterwards. I just felt that they were only interested in me if I was going to pay the money.

At TDC, it was different. When Anthony checked me at my first consultation, he could see I needed help.

He knew I was worried about losing teeth when I cleaned them, or that they would come out when they took dental impressions. So he splinted some very loose teeth together to make them more secure until I had my implants placed.”

Living with my temporary fixed teeth

Three weeks after Rebecca’s Smile in a Day procedure she says she feels like she is growing into her new teeth.

“I did have some swelling and bruising. Looking in the mirror, you look really different with new teeth!

My husband loves them! He loves them because he knows how unhappy I was before.

I don’t think he realized how bad things were before I had my new teeth or how much pain I was in.

And my children have asked why I didn’t have it done before – but I needed to build up the courage.”

My advice to anyone thinking about Smile in a Day

“It is life-changing. For me, having Smile in a Day dental implants wasn’t cosmetic, it was a medical need and I do feel so much better already.

Everyone makes their own choices, but if you are going invest in this treatment, do it at the best place possible.

And it’s not just for older people. I’m in my forties and I think there are lots of people like me who can be helped by Smile in a Day.

When you have bad dental problems, you often feel like people are looking at you and judging you.

TDC never make you feel judged. They are the nicest people in the world.”