Keith’s Smile in a Day

Marner-Keith-post-op-portrait-4Keith Marner was tired of not being able to eat normal meals because of his extremely painful loose teeth.

‘The pain had got worse in recent years, so I didn’t see any point in just having one tooth out when I could get an entirely new upper set that could last a lifetime,’ says Keith, 60, from Wembley in London. ‘At first I wasn’t doing it for the smile, I just wanted to eat normally again, but feeling self-conscious was definitely a factor ‒ I didn’t hide my teeth, but I was reluctant to smile.

‘I didn’t feel a thing’

‘The treatment I received from Dr Anthony Zybutz and his brother Michael when Keith hoto-transforms-case13-1024x293they performed my Smile in a Day procedure was very professional, and everything was explained clearly. I was also relieved to find that the sedation method they used meant I didn’t feel a thing. In fact, I felt so good after the procedure that I just wanted a blanket so I could drift off to sleep.

‘Now I can eat anything I like’

‘Since having the dental implants I can now eat anything I like ‒ even steaks and ice cream. A lot of the time I forget the dental implants are there.’