Dr Anthony Zybutz BDS (Rand)

Certified in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry (UCL/Eastman)

GDC registration number 67842

 ‘Dentistry is more than my profession ‒ it’s my passion’

Dr Anthony Zybutz is a leading professional in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry and has been restoring teeth on dental implants since the mid-1990s.

He was awarded a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree by the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa in 1992. He then moved to the UK where he set up and ran his own four surgery practice in Central London.  In 2000, he took over the well-established Harley Street practice of his friend and mentor, the late Mr. John Bunyan.

Anthony has a close professional relationship with his brother, Dr Michael Zybutz, (with Anthony, below right), who is a US-trained Specialist Periodontist, registered with the General Dental Council. Together they run TDC Implant Centres, located in Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough, where they perform their award-winning TDC Smile in a Day same-day dental implant treatment. They are leaders in the field with over 25 years’ implant experience, and are known for their excellence in clinical results and patient care.

Alongside their TDC Smile in a Day same-day implant service, the Zybutz Brothers offer the highest standards of cosmetic and traditional dentistry in the relaxing and comfortable surroundings of the 77 Harley Street practice.

Anthony and Michael are well-known for their dental knowledge and expertise and are regularly quoted in the media. They have appeared together on TV, including appearances on the Discovery Channel and Channel’s 5’s Botched Up Bodies, restoring the smiles of people who suffered with pain, anxiety and low self-esteem caused by previous poor dental treatment.

On-going learning and training in the latest technical and technological advancements is a priority for Dr Anthony. He was awarded a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry by the University College London Eastman Dental Institute.

Dr Zybutz is also:

What do you do as an Advanced Aesthetic Dentist?

 I offer the full range of preventative and restorative dentistry to my patients and have a particular interest in Aesthetic or Cosmetic dentistry, especially when related to dental implants.

I work with patients to give them the smiles they really want – whether that is giving them a total smile makeover, or making small enhancements that give them a confidence boost.

Is there a growing demand for cosmetic dental procedures?

Absolutely. Having good teeth and an attractive smile helps to make people to look and feel younger – it gives them confidence. More and more people regard cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening or veneers as an investment in themselves – an investment that they deserve.

You have won awards for your TDC Smile in a Day same day implant procedure – what does it involve?

 Dental implants make a huge aesthetic difference to people who wear dentures or have loose and missing teeth. But traditional implant treatments take many months to complete as they involve multiple surgical procedures, often including bone grafting, and months of healing time.  Patients usually need to wear a denture for many months over the course of the treatment.

With TDC Smile in a Day same-day implants, we can literally replace full sets (arches) of loose or missing teeth in a single surgical visit– giving people back a beautiful, natural-looking new smile in a single day. They leave at the end of the day with fixed, secure teeth that they cannot remove.

What part do you play in the procedure as the Principal Aesthetic Dentist at TDC Implant Centres?

I am the primary dental contact at Harley Street, first meeting patients at their initial consultation. Once they decide to go ahead with Smile in a Day implants, I ensure that the look, fit and function of the teeth are perfect. I work closely with the dental laboratory to create the highest quality teeth, placing the temporary fixed teeth on the day of surgery and the final permanent teeth around three months later. We also have highly experienced implant dentists at our Folkestone and Peterborough centres.

How do you ensure that the teeth look perfect?

The most important thing is to give patients the smile that they really want.  Most patients ask for a very natural-looking smile, whilst others want a bright white Hollywood smile.  It is a very collaborative process.

We use only the highest quality materials and work with highly qualified lab technicians to provide the right size, shape and coloured teeth.  We pay a lot of attention to the detail, even customising the gum colour.

What are the main aesthetic benefits of having same-day implants?

Physically, patients have their smiles restored in a matter of hours – no more slipping dentures, loose or gappy teeth. Facial structure is also restored making the patient look younger – even giving back shape to the lips – so patients can start to wear lipstick again!

But my patients tell me that the biggest change is their renewed self-confidence.  Being able to smile again is a massive boost to how you feel about yourself if you have spent years feeling self-conscious and covering your mouth.  Being able to look in the mirror and love what you see – there’s nothing like having a confident smile to make you look and feel amazing.

And that extends into having the confidence to feel more outgoing again – going to a restaurant and being able to eat anything on the menu is life-changing.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

It has to be the “reveal moment” – the moment when patients look in the mirror and see their new teeth and their new smiles for the first time.  It’s very emotional for them and for the team.  We have treated hundreds and hundreds of patients, and that moment is always very moving.

And overall, it is knowing that our team and our treatment make a genuine difference to people’s lives.  It’s a responsibility that we take very seriously – we care about delivering outstanding results for our patients, but also about making sure the whole process is a very life-affirming experience for them.  We won the award for Best Customer Experience at the 2018 My Face My Body Awards – that was a very proud moment.