TDC Dental Implants Reviews

Positive feedback from previous patients is the best evidence of how good a dentist is, so we subscribe to both Feefo and Trust Pilot.  They are independent online platforms that allow you to see genuine, unedited reviews from patients who’ve had their Smile in a Day procedure at TDC. In January 2016 we were accredited as a Feefo Commended Merchant due to our consistently high customer service scores. Scroll through our reviews to find out what past patients have to say about the care they’ve received at TDC, from the moment they got in touch to the day they received their permanent set of beautiful new teeth.

‘Superb treatment and excellent care from TDC team.’

‘Everything about TDC Harley St impressed me.

To put this review in context, I had neglected my teeth and hygiene maintenance for many years. This was largely because of a fear of dentists and dentistry!

My natural teeth at the front had loosened and discoloured over a number of years and I also suffered from gum disease.

As a lecturer, I really wanted to be able to smile naturally and without embarrassment in front of an audience.

From the moment of my first appointment at TDC, I was hugely impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of all the staff. Drs Zybutz and Kalish were superb in terms of explaining and advising on treatment options.

At no time did I feel pressurised to opt for any particular treatment but instead was presented with clear treatment alternatives and what each would involve.

After a set of temporary implants were (painlessly) inserted at the front of my mouth I was given a permanent replacement set 4 months later. Great care was taken to achieve implants which matched my existing teeth both in appearance and colour. I am extremely happy with these teeth and can now smile with confidence.

I should add that EVERYONE I have encountered at TDC from the charming practice managers and hygienists to the expert dentists themselves has been knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring to someone who used to suffer from dentistry phobia!

From a year ago when I could not bite into a sandwich due to loose teeth I can now eat and bite normally.

It has made such a difference. When we looked at photographs from our summer holiday, my wife noticed that unlike previous years, I was smiling broadly in every photograph!’

December 2017

‘Smile in a Day is what I was promised and what I got!!’

‘I was treated as an individual by the whole team who were all very understanding and caring.

I left with teeth and a smile as promised.’

December 2017

‘Wished I’d taken the plunge earlier’

‘From start to finish I felt completely at ease.  The staff and the support given is brilliant.

I have never had a day’s discomfort or worry since the implants were put in.

I think I have smiled more over the last 18 months than I have in 50 years!’

December 2017

‘A professional approach, a painless procedure and a personal pathway to greater self-confidence’

‘A poor previous dental experience over three decades ago whilst at university combined with my own lack of desire to engage with any dentist since, led to me having teeth that were loose, broken and chipped alongside an infected gum line that was receding both top and bottom.

Confidence in work and social situations was diminishing almost weekly over the last year or so and levels of personal discomfort around eating, chewing and even sleeping were increasingly occupying my thoughts – so, time for action!

I researched my options extensively and ‘worse-case’ scenario for me, at least initially, centred around implants – single, multiple or complete (both upper and lower jaws).

Dentist and procedure due diligence was undertaken and I looked at many potential dentists and options both here in the UK and abroad, including Ireland, as well as the industry professional organisations that represent UK dental practitioners and to my mind only one really stood out amongst the crowd – TDC.

From the initial contact with the TDC team in Harley St, to the initial consultation with dentist Dr Anthony, then the subsequent procedure with surgeon Dr Michael and Dr Nico (who managed the conscious sedation), I am now four weeks post-op having had the Smile in a Day treatment on both lower and upper jaws.

Life is transformed, even with my provisional teeth (and people have complimented these already too!).

The professional, caring, engaging and considered approach offered by the team at TDC has been exemplary from the initial contact several weeks back to the on-going post-op advice and guidance I have been receiving to date.

I look forward to moving through the remainder of the Smile in a Day procedure towards my final teeth and would thoroughly recommend the TDC team for their expert knowledge and work and helping me make that big positive step towards better personal confidence and I have no doubt that I have found my reason to smile again…

A professional approach, a painless procedure and a personal pathway to greater self-confidence – what more could I ask for from the TDC team! Thank you so much…’

December 2017

‘I would definitely recommend their service’

‘From day one TDC staff made me feel welcome and comfortable.

I would definitely recommend their service to anyone.’

December 2017

‘Excellent service’

‘Excellent service and Fabulous and Friendly staff!!’

December 2017

‘Make that call’

‘Quite frankly, a life changing experience.

Having suffered from years of shame and fear over dentists and the state of my teeth, it was time to do something.

From the very first time I picked up the phone to discuss the process/procedure, the staff could not have been more helpful and calming.

I would urge anyone who has doubts to make that first call, you will have no regrets other than to question why it wasn’t done years before.

Make that call.’

December 2017

‘I cannot stop smiling’

‘I was extremely nervous at the start of this procedure.

However, I was totally reassured by the staff and all individuals involved in my procedure. I was closely monitored eg blood pressure throughout the procedure, everything was clearly explained before and after the procedure.

I followed the advice given to me after the surgery and did not have any complications. I am now waiting excitedly for my permanent implants.’

November 2017

‘TDC – the best dental experience I’ve ever had’

‘Despite needing lots of quite complicated treatment I have never felt so comfortable in the dentists chair.

Completely pain free and so reassuring on every visit, I would recommend Edwin Kalish and his team to anyone.

The Conscious Sedation TDC offer for more invasive treatment was amazing, and felt as though I had been in the chair for five minutes not two hours.

I feel very lucky to have found TDC for my treatment.’

November 2017

‘TDC gave me my smile back – thank you’

My name is Edward Blake. I am a lorry driver from the South of England. Over the last 50 yrs I have let my teeth go from bad to worse until I was left with a very wobbly, loose and unattractive bridge as my so called front teeth.  This caused me to have very low self esteem – low-confidence and frankly not wanting to socialise or even smile, I was also having major trouble eating.

Having spent quite some time (4 yrs) looking into dental implants (mainly the all 0n 4 system) I decided to call TDC Implant Centre, now I had looked at all the other options out there including going abroad and many more.

My first phone call, I spoke to a lady called Becca, who is the implant co-ordinator. Straight away I was blown away with her knowledge of her work and understanding of my position, After talking to Becca for a while I knew I wanted TDC to fix my teeth, I remember thinking if this is how knowledgeable the co-ordinator is what must the surgeon be like, I wanted to start straight away.

Within a few days I attended a consultation to have x-rays and scans taken, then the next appointment I had moulds taken, and on the 14/11/17 just a couple of weeks after my first contact, it was surgery time.

When I arrived at the surgery I was quite nervous, but I was put at ease by the staff at TDC who made me feel very comfortable, I got to meet all of the people involved in my surgery and was told step by step what was going to happen. I chose to have iv- sedation which for me was money well spent, it was over in a flash. I have little to no memory of the surgery, I had no pain during the surgery what so ever.

After my op I was so well looked after while my teeth were being made, then came the moment after nearly 4 painstaking years researching implants to fit my new teeth and wow, was I impressed. I just wanted to keep smiling. I couldn’t believe how good they looked.

I would like to thank Dr Zybutz, Dr Baloch and all the staff at TDC for giving me back my smile (life) and a very special thank you to Becca who from the very first phone call has been fantastic.

Did I make the right decision? yes 100%. Did I choose the right company? Yes 100%.

November 2017