Smile in a Day Dental Implant Procedure and Process

Come and meet us

At your first consultation you will come along to one of our three centres and spend some time with one of our friendly implant dentists. Our centres are located in Harley Street in London, Peterborough and Folkestone.

Have your suitability assessed

Our expert implant dentists will examine your teeth and your gums to assess if Smile in a Day is the best dental option for you.

After your consultation, if you and your dentist agree, the next step is to have a computerised 3D CT scan.  This enables our dental team to look beneath the surface and to measure the amount and location of bone in your jaw.  They can then confirm if Smile in a Day is definitely suitable for you.  If we feel this isn’t the right treatment for you, we’ll discuss alternative solutions.

Plan your treatment

If everyone agrees to go ahead, we’ll plan your treatment. Our implant team will formulate a detailed care plan for you and confirm the costs. Our prices are fixed and all-inclusive so you can be assured that there will be no extra charges later on.

Book your treatment date

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with your Smile in a Day dental implant procedure, we will book your treatment date. We’ll stay in regular contact to reassure you that everything is on track for your surgery.

We run a virtual surgery to make sure we’re fully prepared for your treatment and, if required, we create a 3D printed model of your jaw so we can plan your surgery in more detail.

Surgery day – get your smile back!

At this appointment we place your implants and fit your fixed, natural-looking temporary teeth that are designed to speed up the healing process.

We usually use four implants (hence the term All-on-4) to give a perfect fit. Our surgeon will use titanium rods that are custom fitted to you and placed at a precise angle to give a stable foundation for each full arch of new teeth.

Most of our patients choose sedation during the procedure as it keeps them pain free, relaxed and comfortable.

Within hours of your treatment you’ll have your smile back. Feel free to bring someone along with you for moral support – the majority of our patients do. We will take as much care of them as we do of you.


You’ll come back to see us ten weeks after your dental implant surgery so we can take an impression of your teeth to ensure that your permanent set are a perfect fit.

Three weeks after that we’ll check the fit of your new teeth and ten days later we’ll attach your permanent set of new teeth.

Keep your new teeth looking great

We will subscribe you to our specialised Maintenance Programme and recommend that you come back to see the TDC Smile in Day team to keep your implants in the best possible condition. If you live too far away we will provide detailed instructions for you to give to your dentist.

If you decide to opt for Smile in a Day, find out more about how we will care for and support you.



Patient Reviews

"TDC were my last hope of having permanent teeth. I am so very grateful to them"

Case Studies

"It’s truly life-changing to be able to eat and smile again."

– Rebecca Webbon
   seen on ”This Time Next Year”


"TDC same day implants gave me my smile AND my life back."

– Graham Barrow