TDC Smile in a Day Dental Implant Procedure and Process

With Total Dentalcare (TDC) Smile in a Day same-day dental implants there are three simple stages to regaining fully functioning teeth and your beautiful new smile. An advanced and clinically-proven tooth replacement technique, the months of treatment time required with traditional implant methods are reduced into a single day – without the need for bone grafting.

It is the closest solution to natural teeth – a long-term, fixed solution that ends the worry and inconvenience of loose and missing teeth or dentures.

The majority of people who come to TDC require at least one full jaw of new teeth – often both.

This page explains what to expect at each step.

Step One – Consultation, Analysis and Planning

Your initial consultation is held at one of our UK dental implant centres, conveniently located in London Harley Street, Peterborough and Folkestone.

This is your chance to talk about your dental problems with one of our highly experienced implant dentists, to discuss your needs, preferences and possible solutions. We’ll ask you about the issues you’re experiencing, any medical conditions we should be aware of, and what sort of solution you’re looking for to replace your loose and missing teeth, or dentures.

Your dental implant dentist will examine your remaining teeth and gums and take some photographs to assess if Smile in a Day dental implants, sometimes referred to as Teeth in a Day or same-day teeth, are likely to be the best option for you.

We encourage you to ask questions – whether about the Smile in a Day implant procedure, our team or the benefits of dental implants generally. It’s important to be well informed so you can select the right oral surgeon and team for you, and one that you trust to deliver the very best results.

Watch our video, “Your First Smile in a Day Consultation” to learn more.

Some people feel nervous when they attend a dental consultation. Be assured that your dentist will make you feel as relaxed as possible. We’ll never rush you or make you feel judged.

The people who come to TDC find themselves in need of dental implants for many reasons – lifestyle, genetics, accidents. We’re here to restore your smile, and boost your confidence.

Reading some of our independently verified patient reviews may help re-assure you that you’re in the best possible hands.

Patient safety is our absolute priority. We’re proud winners of the Dentistry Best Patient Care (London) Award 2020, as well as winning the MyFaceMyBody Best Dental Practice UK award for the last two years.

Confirming that Smile in a Day same-day dental implants are suitable for you

After your consultation, if you and your dentist agree that Smile in a Day dental implants are likely to be suitable for you and you’d like to progress to the next stage, the next step is having a computerised 3D CT scan.

CT scans take detailed X-rays, providing our dental implant team with detailed images of your jaws and teeth. This enables us to analyse beneath the surface of your gums and measure the amount, location and quality of bone in your jaw.

We can then confirm that you’re a suitable candidate for Smile in a Day implants.

In the majority of cases, our Smile in a Day dental implants are suitable even for people with extreme gum disease and jawbone loss, without the need for bone graft surgery.

If we feel Smile in a Day dental implants are not right for you, we’ll discuss alternative solutions.

Creating your personal treatment plan

After your consultation and CT scan, our team will formulate a detailed dental implant care plan for you. This treatment plan summarises the findings from your consultation and CT scan analysis, along with the treatment options we’ve discussed together.

The plan will also confirm your dental implant costs. At TDC, our prices are fixed and all-inclusive so you can be assured that there won’t be any unexpected charges during the course of your dental implant treatment.

Booking your treatment date

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with your Smile in a Day dental implant procedure, we book your dental implant surgery. We always do our best to accommodate your preferred timings.

We also book the appointments you’ll need pre and post-surgery e.g. for taking impressions. Your personal Patient Coordinator will stay in regular contact to re-assure you that everything is on track for your dental implant surgery and make sure you are fully informed at every stage.

If required, we will maintain contact with your own doctor or dentist to ensure your care is totally seamless.

Before your  TDC Smile in a Day procedure, we run a virtual surgery to make sure we’re fully prepared for your treatment, including creating a 3D printed model of your jawbone so we can plan your surgery in more detail.

We plan for every eventuality so that you can have total peace of mind.

Step Two – Smile Restoration Day

This is the only surgical appointment in your TDC Smile in a Day treatment.

You arrive for dental implant surgery and leave, just hours later, with your smile and confidence restored.

Our highly experienced dental surgeon removes any remaining teeth and places your dental implants.  These dental implants replace your natural tooth roots, providing a stable base for the new artificial teeth.

Your fixed, natural-looking provisional teeth are placed on the same day.

Loose and missing teeth are now a thing of the past!

Conscious sedation

Smile in a Day dental implant surgery begins with sedation if chosen, followed by a gentle numbing of your mouth. This ensures that you feel absolutely no discomfort during the procedure.

Most of our patients choose conscious sedation to keep them pain-free, relaxed and comfortable. Patients remain awake throughout the dental implant procedure, feeling like they’re in a dream-like state. Most have no recollection of surgery afterwards.

Conscious sedation is extremely safe, without the risks and side effects often associated with general anaesthetic. Sedation is carried out by one of our highly trained anaesthetists, who stays with you throughout your surgery.

Where patients opt to not be sedated, the implant placement procedure will still be pain-free.

Placing the dental implants

We usually place four implants in each jaw (hence the term All-on-4). Each dental implant is placed at a precise angle to maximise the use of available bone, providing the perfect fit and maximum stability for the bridge of bespoke artificial teeth.

We use an advanced dental implant system with a built-in angle that provides a stronger base for your new replacement teeth.

Creating and placing your new teeth

After your dental implant surgery, we take precise measurements and you rest comfortably while your bespoke teeth are crafted by our expert laboratory technicians. They make them on treatment day as it’s generally acknowledged to be the best way to obtain customised excellence.

Your replacement teeth are designed to enhance your appearance while restoring bite and chewing function, and help to speed up the healing process.

Your implant dentist will place your new teeth, so they are securely retained and supported by the dental implants.

This is the moment when you can look in the mirror and see your beautiful new smile for the first time!

Patient Reviews

"TDC were my last hope of having permanent teeth. I am so very grateful to them"

Case Studies

"It’s truly life-changing to be able to eat and smile again."

– Rebecca Webbon


"TDC same day implants gave me my smile AND my life back."

– Graham Barrow

Your take-home implant aftercare pack

Before leaving, your dentist will give you a personal take-home implant care kit containing essential medication and oral hygiene products, along with full instructions of what to expect and do to once you leave us.

These instructions include our after-hours telephone numbers so you can call us any time with questions or concerns.

Feel free to bring someone along with you on Smile Restoration Day – most of our patients do.  We’ll take as much care of them as we do you.

We request that someone accompanies you home if you have opted for sedation.

Step Three – The Healing Phase, and your Permanent Smile

Immediate aftercare

Most of our patients are amazed how pain-free the implant process is, both during and after implant surgery.

As with any dental surgery, some minor discomfort, bruising and swelling can be expected but can be managed with over the counter pain-relief such as ibuprofen or paracetamol.

We advise you to take things easy and to avoid strenuous physical activity for a couple of days afterwards.

The dental implant healing phase

Your new teeth will remain fixed in your mouth, night and day, whilst your bone integrates with your implants.

About three months later we exchange them for your permanent set at a non-surgical appointment.

Looking after your implants and new teeth is straightforward.

However, it’s important to remember that, in the first two months of function, failure to follow dietary recommendations and an adequate daily oral hygiene routine can affect implant healing and overall treatment success.

We will provide you with all the information and advice that you need.

What can I eat and drink with my new teeth?

Your new temporary fixed teeth are strong enough for you to eat normal foods as soon as they are placed – even crunchy apples.

But we advise that you only chew food that you can cut with a fork whilst you’re wearing the provisional prosthesis (first set of new teeth).

This will help you to take things slowly and build up gradually from soft to harder foods as you get used to your new teeth.

Once your permanent set is fitted, you’ll have the confidence to eat totally normally.

All types of food will be back on the menu – nuts, steaks and crunchy bread included!

You’ll be able to eat without worry.

Denture wearers find their sense of taste is restored as there’s no longer a plate covering your palate.

But remember that your new teeth are not bionic!

Just like natural teeth, they’re subject to wear and tear when you bite and chew; any small chips are quickly and easily repaired.

Can I drink alcohol and / or smoke?

Drinking alcohol, smoking or using tobacco products can disturb coagulation, delay healing and cause post-operative pain.

We strongly advise that you refrain from smoking and drinking alcohol for at least two weeks after your dental implant placement surgery.

Your permanent smile

Two to three months after dental implant surgery, your bone will be fully integrated with the dental implants.

During this time, you can expect some gum tissue shrinkage due to resorption of the bone in these areas. It is entirely normal.

This is the time to take new impressions to make your new, permanent set of teeth.

We work closely with you to make sure every detail is perfect to create your perfect smile, from the bite function to the tooth colour.

You’ll have a try-in appointment to make any final adjustments.

Your provisional teeth are exchanged for your final, permanent set at a non-surgical appointment about ten days later.

Aftercare – keeping your new teeth looking great

We use only the highest quality materials in the planning and construction of your same-day dental implants and new teeth.

Just like with natural teeth, your dental implants can last a lifetime if they are consistently well cared for.

Most dental implant failure is caused by the lack of a really good at-home dental hygiene routine, so you must commit to looking after them.

This is crucial to the long-term success of your dental implants and new teeth.

We will provide you with instructions and guidance on how to brush and clean.

We will subscribe you to our Maintenance Programme and recommend that you come back to see the TDC Smile in Day implant team regularly so we can monitor and maintain the health of your teeth and gums and keep your implants in the best possible condition.

If you live too far away to visit our implant centres, we provide detailed instructions for your dentist.

Continued care of your new teeth will assure their continuing health, aesthetics and function, just as with natural teeth.