Tina’s Smile in a Day

“Before I had my implants I didn’t like how I looked. I didn’t like my smile. I literally had nightmares about my teeth falling out. I felt scared.”

Tina Cooke’s dental problems started when she sucked her thumb as a child. Combined with gum disease, her protruding teeth just got worse and worse. And after being hit with a cricket ball in her face, her teeth were further loosened on one side of her mouth.

“After that my teeth got weaker and weaker. It was horrible.

I wanted to laugh and smile naturally, but the fact that my teeth didn’t look so presentable, it kind of made me not want to show the real me.”

Over time her gum disease worsened: “My gums used to bleed, they’d bleed a lot, especially when I brushed my teeth. I‘d wake up with blood residue on my mouth.”

“I felt embarrassed, knowing you have a deformity, having to show it to people.”

Looking for a lasting solution

Tina had contacted other dentists and even visited her local dentist who told her that she would need to have all her teeth out and to wear dentures. “I went home and cried and cried.”

“Then I saw an advert for TDC on Facebook: “I thought “Oooh! Smile in a Day! That sounds cool! I Googled TDC and visited the website. I viewed the testimonials and rang up for a consultation.

I met Anthony and he was patient. He let me speak, to explain how I had got to this stage, and he was very reassuring. That really made me feel very comfortable.

He could obviously see what my problem was, but he asked me to tell him my main reason for coming for the consultation. It took me a while to say the words: “I don’t like my smile.”

I came away from TDC and just thought “Yes!” It just felt right.

I decided to go that route – to have dental implants.”

How Smile in a Day has changed Tina’s life

Tina had her TDC Smile in a Day procedure in 2015.

“Before I had dental implants I was sociable, but as my teeth got worse I had become less sociable. I‘d say yes when people asked me to go out, but I’d make up excuses not to go.

Since I‘ve had my teeth done I feel more alive. I have much more confidence in myself, I‘m able to talk to people more – I don’t cover my mouth or turn my head away now.

I’m a person who likes to smile a lot – any little thing, I’ll be showing teeth. I laugh at the silliest things as it makes other people feel good.”

And it’s a real bonus being able to enjoy food again.

“I love apples – when you bite one and get that crunch. I’d missed that! I’d missed the sound. And crusty bread!”

Getting real Tina back

“In the morning when I get up to go to the bathroom, I’ll see myself in the mirror and think “Oooh, is that you Tina?! You’re looking good today!”

“Once a person has a good smile, they radiate more confidence. That’s me for sure.”

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