What can I eat after dental implant surgery?

03 Sep 2021

“What can I eat after dental implant surgery?”

This is an important question for anyone who has to avoid certain foods due to the challenges of living with loose and missing teeth or dentures: the anxiety of losing more teeth when they bite on hard foods such as raw vegetables, or the embarrassment of only being able to eat soups and soft foods when eating out.

People considering implant treatment want to know what they can eat immediately after their dental implant procedure, and also the foods they can safely eat once they are living permanently with their new fixed teeth.

The answer is that replacing loose and missing teeth with dental implants means you’ll be able to eat and enjoy all hot and cold foods – just as you would with healthy natural teeth. Crisp apples, crunchy bread and chewy steaks are all back on the menu! So, not only can eating become a pleasure again, you’ll be able to eat the nutritious foods you need to keep healthy.

But there are a few things you need to know….

• What to eat after dental implant surgery

With TDC Smile in a Day same-day implants, the placement of your dental implants and a first set of fixed teeth take place on the same day.

Made from a high-quality composite material, these bespoke teeth are crafted to fit very comfortably and look just like real teeth. They stay secured in place, 24 hours a day, for about 8-12 weeks during the healing process i.e. whilst your bone integrates with your implants.

The reality is that you could bite into an apple with your new teeth on the actual day of dental implant surgery.

However, we suggest to our patients that they stick with a soft food diet including foods such as yogurt, soup and mashed potatoes for the first week or so after their dental implant surgery.

This is to make sure that you don’t bite your lip or cheeks whilst you are getting used to your new teeth. Remember that you may have spent many years with very wobbly teeth and you now have a set of very solid, secure teeth, and they may take a bit of controlling!

· Eating with your first set of fixed teeth

After the first few days, you will be getting used to the feeling of having new teeth in your mouth. We recommend that you build up gradually and eat only foods that you can cut with a fork whilst wearing your temporary first teeth.

In the weeks after implant surgery, you can gradually experiment with different foods. Don’t worry if you feel nervous about chewing and biting – that is very normal, especially if you have worried about loose or missing teeth for a long time.

Your confidence will grow, and you will start to enjoy eating again.

If you previously wore a denture, you’ll find that you can taste the foods you eat again as there is no bulky strap covering your palate.

• Eating with your final fixed teeth

About 3 months after dental implant surgery we exchange your first set of temporary teeth for your final set.

Again, they are bespoke, and are crafted to perfectly fit the shape of your settled gums.

These new teeth are also made from a high-quality composite material, and are reinforced with a titanium bar to combine optimum strength, durability and shock absorbency.

Now you can safely eat any foods you want – you can enjoy all types of food, and the experience of eating, just as you would with natural teeth.

There are many benefits to having dental implants, and being able to bite and chew normally again – and without worry – can be life-changing. You don’t have to be anxious about losing more teeth or slipping dentures.

And the best news is that your implants will hold your bone in place and stop the natural bone loss (resorption) associated with missing teeth.

· Treat dental implants as if they are your natural teeth

Dental implants offer a secure, fixed tooth solution as they are screw-like titanium “roots” that are surgically inserted into the jawbone to replace natural tooth roots. A bridge of teeth can then be placed on top and held securely in place.

The wonderful thing is that they look and function just like natural teeth.

But do remember that they are not bionic even if the implants are made from titanium! They can chip just like natural teeth, so we advise our patients against crunching on hard bones or opening bottles with their new teeth! If they do chip, they are easily repaired with natural tooth bonding techniques, but prevention is the best approach.

· Enjoy eating out!

Many patients tell us that, before implant surgery, they have avoided eating out in restaurants or dreaded going to social events that involve food or meals. Their worry and embarrassment around their loose and missing teeth made them too self-conscious to eat in front of others.

Once you have your new teeth on dental implants (remember to be careful if you still have your temporaries in), you can relax and choose anything on the menu. You are no longer restricted to life on a soft food diet. Anxiety around eating in public becomes a thing of the past.

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