TDC Dental Implants Reviews

Positive feedback from previous patients is the best evidence of how good a dentist is, so we subscribe to both Feefo and Trust Pilot.  They are independent online platforms that allow you to see genuine, unedited reviews from patients who’ve had their Smile in a Day procedure at TDC. In January 2016 we were accredited as a Feefo Commended Merchant due to our consistently high customer service scores. Scroll through our reviews to find out what past patients have to say about the care they’ve received at TDC, from the moment they got in touch to the day they received their permanent set of beautiful new teeth.

‘You get what you pay for, and this team deliver’

‘Worth every penny (pound).

Best medical care I have ever had from the nicest caring attentive staff. Wish I had done it years ago.

I had lots of fears but they were unwarranted.

Had full replacement and never had any pain during procedure, and only slight several days later.

From the doctor sedating you – he is great- to the surgeons, who were skilled and compassionate, to the dentist who is excellent.

You get what you pay for, and this team deliver.

Practice manager to dental assistants, a great team!

Don’t delay through fear, talk to them, they are non-pushy and their advice can be trusted.’

August 2019

‘I am delighted with my new teeth and the new confidence it has given me’

‘I knew when I met the team at TDC I was in the right hands.

Everything about what for me was a potentially traumatic experience was made pleasant, dare I say enjoyable.

The best decision I have ever made, I am delighted with my new teeth and the new confidence it has given me.’

August 2019

‘When they say almost painless, it was truly was’

‘I was extremely nervous about my treatment but Anthony & Michael, along with the rest of the team, were wonderfully understanding and supportive.

The treatment was a blur given I had conscious sedation, I recommend it highly.

When they say almost painless, it was truly was.

The after care is still ongoing but again, this too has been first rate.’

August 2019

‘My confidence has been completely restored.’

‘When I walked through the doors at TDC Implant Centre in Folkestone for the first time, to say I was nervous would be an understatement.

I needn’t have worried though. Any concerns I had were quickly alleviated.

Everybody was absolutely amazing and the treatment I received was second to none. For the first time, I was able to sleep the night before an appointment and feel at ease.

I can honestly say that from the beginning of the treatment – I had both upper and lower teeth replaced with a full set of implants – to the final treatment, I have experienced no pain whatsoever. There was the initial discomfort after the surgery, but that is to be expected and it was short lived.

Before I had the treatment, I was too self-conscious and embarrassed to smile, and eating was proving a challenge.

Since having the treatment, I can’t stop smiling and am able to eat everything and anything!

My confidence has been completely restored. And the positive comments I have received from friends and family since having my permanent teeth have been fantastic.

I would like to thank Dr Nico Van Vuryen, Dr Zybutz, Dr Baloch, Becca and the entire team for being so caring and giving me my smile back.

I would have no hesitation in recommending TDC Implant Centre to anyone who, like me, thought they would never be able to smile with confidence again.’

April 2019

‘Smiling again’

‘I had my implants in 2015. I cannot believe where the time has gone.

My implants still look as good as the first day that they were implanted.

The service you get during and after having your implants is incredible friendly, welcoming but above all professional.

I can never thank Anthony and Michael Zybutz enough – they changed my life.

I could not praise or recommend them enough, they are 100%.

They say it’s all in the smile – it certainly is for me.’

April 2019

‘Life-changing second chance after years of suffering with bad teeth’

‘The service was first class from start to finish, and is still that way for my regular check ups etc.

The implants were a second chance for me after suffering with bad teeth for a long time.

It is over 5 years now and I am so pleased with the implants, they have given me a much more positive outlook and confidence.

I would recommend this treatment with TDC for anyone in the same position.’

April 2019

‘Very happy with the service so far, and equally happy with the implant.’

April 2019

‘Very happy with treatment.

Very professional, dedicated people.’

April 2019

‘I can eat properly after a long time struggling with dentures’

‘Having had teething problems for some time and getting worse, a friend recommended me to TDC because he had exactly the same problem and wished he had it sorted earlier.

I hadn’t thought about implants before but as he showed me and explained the procedure I was impressed, so made an appointment to see TDC.

I too was impressed with the reception I got, from the initial welcome, from having the procedure explained to me in detail and the first stage of the procedure carried out.

I had to have both upper and lower teeth done which involved quite a number of teeth having to be removed, so as you can imagine, I was somewhat apprehensive. But I need not have worried as after having the sedation I didn’t feel a thing although awake and, before I knew it, it was finished.

I have temporary teeth now so can eat properly after a long time struggling with dentures and am due to go back in a few months time for fitting the final teeth.

I notice some reviews mention that they have to go back more times than they anticipated but I see this as a good thing as TDC want to make sure everything is alright and so do I, therefore, I am pleased with that.

I am very happy with the whole experience, with the professionalism of everyone involved, and would certainly recommend TDC to anyone with the same problems.’

April 2019

‘The best decision I ever made’

‘I would highly recommend TDC – the best decision I ever made.

They explain everything they are going to do and make you so relaxed and listen to exactly what you want, and believe me they give it to you.

Everyone that sees my teeth are highly impressed.’

April 2019