TDC Dental Implants Reviews

Positive feedback from previous patients is the best evidence of how good a dentist is, so we subscribe to both Feefo and Trust Pilot.  They are independent online platforms that allow you to see genuine, unedited reviews from patients who’ve had their Smile in a Day procedure at TDC. In January 2016 we were accredited as a Feefo Commended Merchant due to our consistently high customer service scores. Scroll through our reviews to find out what past patients have to say about the care they’ve received at TDC, from the moment they got in touch to the day they received their permanent set of beautiful new teeth.

‘The procedure was pain free, and very little discomfort afterwards’

‘The procedure was pain free and very little discomfort after.

Very happy with my provisional teeth, will be getting my permanent ones after Christmas.

Anthony and Michael Zybutz were very helpful and put my mind at ease.’

September 2018

‘ I continue to enjoy my ‘Smile for the Day’ teeth’

‘Staff friendly and courteous as ever.

The Hygienist makes a superb job of cleaning my own residual teeth (lower arch) and Anthony renewed one of the covers on one of the fixing implants.

I remain delighted with my top arch implant which I feel so comfortable with, it is like they are my own original teeth!’

September 2018

‘ Beautiful smile ‘

‘I took the plunge 3 years ago to have a full set of implants.

My only regret is not doing it sooner.

My confidence is fully restored and when ever I walk into a room I know that I have the best smile there.

Michael and Anthony are just fabulous people who I trust implicitly.’

September 2018

‘TDC Implant Centre are professional’

‘TDC Implant Centre are professional, friendly and worthwhile paying a visit. I would recommend to family and friends.

I no longer have a big gap, and can chew my food without any worry.

A lovely smile.’

September 2018

‘Simply the best, look no further’

‘Anyone thinking of having this procedure All on 4, go to TDC.

I cannot fault their professionalism, kindness and attention to detail.

I’m still undergoing treatment and have a particularly complex mouth with very poor quality bone, I’ve had to make some major lifestyle changes, but that was my choice on their recommendation.

No one else could help me except TDC.

I’m a trained nurse/researcher so did a lot of information gathering prior to treatment.

I 100% made the right decision. TDC literally saved my life.

It was never a cosmetic procedure for me. I had endured years of multiple abscesses, infection and pain for many years. I thought I was beyond hope until I met Dr Michael and Dr Anthony Zybutz.

Currently under Harley St I travel 12hrs train on a day to see them which is more gruelling than the treatment, but distance is no object when your life is at stake.

As a trained SRN myself I cannot fault them. If you’re thinking of having this done don’t hesitate to go to TDC.

Their reputation is second to none and they’re hugely respected within their own professional which speaks volumes.

My only regret is I didn’t do this years ago. I’m so lucky to be with the best.

Tempted to go abroad? Don’t! TDC won’t let you down and you’re in the safest hands.’

September 2018

‘Each and every member of staff at TDC is caring, professional, attentive, highly skilled and expert in their own role and task.

I have had wonderful treatment and excellent results!!’

September 2018

‘Friendly and helpful, and worthwhile’

‘TDC Implant Centre in Folkestone are professional, and the end result was perfect.

I had a single tooth implant and crown, which was fitted beautifully, and a good match.

I would recommend the centre to friends and family, and anyone thinking of having this done.

I can now smile confidently, and without a gap, I can eat and chew food without the worry.’

September 2018

‘Dentists had told me there was no hope’

‘I cannot recommend TDC highly enough. The whole team are incredible.

This was never a cosmetic procedure for me, it was life-saving.

Years of multiple infections, abscesses and pain had taken their toll and dentists had told me there was no hope.

Drs Anthony and Michael Zybutz were my only hope and thankfully they took my complex sick mouth on. Professional, passionate and extremely highly qualified, I literally placed my life in their hands.

As a trained nurse myself I was super-impressed at the high standards of care and TLC (tender loving care).

Anyone thinking of having this procedure done, don’t hesitate in consulting the UK’s best. Friends of mine who went abroad wish they’d stayed in UK after witnessing my experience.

I am being treated at Harley Street where the whole team have become part of my dental family. I travel 12 hours round trip in one day in order to see them.

I’m so relieved, lucky and blessed to be in their hands. My only regret is I didn’t do it years ago.

Thinking about it? Do it!’

September 2018

‘Thank you so much – you are an angel and I really appreciated your kindness, and so did my daughter.

From one nurse to another – you are A***** grade.

Brilliant TLC and kindness.’

(From “Thank You” card sent to TDC Dental Nurse, Viktorija)

September 2018


Thanks again so much for all your kindness and hard work on Friday. You are all incredible.

Thank you SO much for the flowers. Very unexpected, but beautiful.

I think you should be renamed TLC. Tender. Loving. Care.

(From “Thank You” card to the Harley Street Team)

September 2018