TDC Dental Awards and Media Profiles

19 Jun 2020

Being nominated as finalists and winning prestigious dental industry awards is the icing on the cake for the Total Dentalcare (TDC) Dental Implant Centres team.

It’s very rewarding for the whole team to get recognition for our hard work and results, especially in key categories that showcase our excellence in implant dentistry and commitment to outstanding patient care.

But it is also a valuable way for people considering treatment to understand more about TDC and the high standards of clinical care they can expect when they come to us for Smile in a Day dental implant treatment.

“Rewarding for our team, peace of mind for our patients”

“Our reputation for excellence is built on our specialist-led clinical work in implant dentistry and consistently outstanding results, along with the most positive treatment experience and patient care,” say TDC founders, Drs Michael and Anthony Zybutz.

“Every member of our dental team is totally committed to being the very best and is vital to our success. It gives us a great sense of pride when industry experts acknowledge our successes through nominations, awards and profiling us as experts in our field.

And this goes hand in hand with the hundreds of positive patient reviews we have received from patients who have had their Smile in a Day treatment at TDC Implant Centres.

This sort of feedback is rewarding for our team, and peace of mind for our patients.

Patients appreciate our culture of warmth and trust.

Not only do you get beautiful new teeth and a smile you can be proud of – once you come here, you become part of the TDC family.”

Some key TDC Implant Centre achievements


Private Dentistry Awards

• TDC won in the “Best Treatment of Nervous Patients (London)” category at the 2021 Private Dentistry Awards
• We were finalists in the “Practice of the Year” category for our Peterborough centre, and also for “Best Website”

Dentistry Awards
• TDC Implant Centres were awards “Highly Commended“ in the “Best Patient Care” category
• We were finalists in the “Best Website” category


Private Dentistry Awards

TDC were finalists in four categories:
• Best Patient Care
• Practice of the Year, for TDC Harley Street
• Best Treatment of Nervous Patients
• Best Website

Dentistry Awards

• TDC won in the “Best Patient Care” category
• TDC Harley Street was awarded “Highly Commended” in the “Best Practice” category
• We were finalists in the “Best Website” category

My Face My Body Awards

TDC Implant Centres won in two categories:
• Dental Practice of the Year
• Dental Make-over of the Year (aesthetic dentsistry awards)


Private Dentistry Awards
• We won the “Best Patient Care (London)” category at the Private Dentistry Awards 2019
• We were finalists in the “Best Patient Care” category.

Dentistry Awards
• We were finalists in the “Best Patient Care” category

My Face My Body Awards

TDC Harley Street won in two categories:
• Dental Practice of the Year
• Dental Make-over of the Year

Media Profiles

• Drs Michael and Anthony are well-known for their appearances on TV – on the Discovery Channel and Channel 5’s Botched Up Bodies, as experts reversing the effects of poor dental work.

Dentistry Magazine profiled Drs Michael and Anthony Zybutz as UK leaders in dental implants and the Smile in a Day same-day dental implant technique

TDC Smile in a Day centres were highlighted as the specialist practices where general dentists refer their patients due to our specialist periodontal skills and experience in the field of same-day dental implants.

• We are included in the My Face My Body “Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders for 2020” for the second year in a row.

Talk to us

We offer a free, no obligation consultation* in all of our three implant centres (Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough). These can be requested online or by calling 020 3553 6415

Our friendly and highly trained Patient Advisors can answer your questions and book in consultations.

About our founders

Dr Michael Zybutz is a General Dental Council (GDC) registered Specialist Periodontist, trained in the USA, and is our Lead Surgeon.

He has over 25 years’ experience in placing implants, which means we can treat even the most challenging cases.  We routinely help people who have been told that they don’t have enough bone for dental implants.

Dr Anthony Zybutz is certified in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry, and has been placing teeth on dental implants since the mid 1990’s.

He is well known for his work in aesthetic dentistry and smile restoration.

The award-winning TDC team 2018

21 Mar 2018

On March 17th, TDC Implant Centres were delighted to win the Best Customer Experience Award at the My Face My Body Awards 2018. These global awards celebrate innovation and customer excellence within the aesthetics industry.

Below, TDC’s Dr Michael and Dr Anthony Zybutz talk about winning the award and why patient care is so important to them in the dental implant process.

How did you feel when you were announced as winners?

MZ: Fantastic! Being shortlisted as a finalist – in probably the most competitive category – was daunting; we take patient care very seriously and here was a way to have our efforts independently verified and rewarded. We really wanted to win.

When TDC were announced as the winners we were so excited we jumped out of our seats and hugged each other. We then all went up onto the stage to receive our award.

Why does winning this Best Customer Experience Award matter to you and your team?

AZ: Each one of our patients has their own story to tell and their own reasons for needing treatment before they come to us.

They choose us at TDC for our consistently outstanding results, the very highest standards of patient care throughout the treatment process and beyond, and a life-changing experience. So, we put a huge amount of effort into making it a really positive and life-affirming experience for each patient as an individual.

MZ: Yes, it’s really gratifying to receive an award that is all about customer service. We are also very proud of our five-star patient reviews on Trust Pilot and Feefo. They are all independently verified which is important so that they can confirm to us that our patients agree that we really are doing the best job. They also help and re-assure people considering the treatment that they can have peace of mind when they come to TDC.

What were the criteria for entering the awards?

AZ: The first step was to submit a very detailed entry form and additional material, all showing how patient care is at the very forefront of what we do at TDC, and then encourage people to vote for us.

Once we were confirmed as a finalist, we were told we would be visited by a mystery shopper who actually comes into the practice and has a consultation. We still don’t know who the mystery shopper was or when they came in, but we do know that they were very impressed! Finally, a panel of judges looked at everything to make a final decision.

What makes the patient care at TDC so exceptional?

MZ: Everything we do is underpinned by the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care – it’s what we are known for. We believe that quality matters – our patients are taking an important step that affects their overall quality of life, and they are making a significant investment in their well-being. This is our patients’ health – only the best will do.

This ethos runs through both our clinical team and our patient contact team so that our patients are thoroughly cared for from when they first contact us right through their treatment and onwards to maintenance of our work.

AZ: We make sure that we are the very best on every level. We offer specialist clinical care using the latest technology and use the highest quality implants and materials to deliver consistently outstanding results. These things combine to give real peace of mind.

Michael is a Specialist Surgeon and Periodontist with over 25 years’ experience in placing implants, which means we can treat even the most challenging cases – even people who have been told that nothing can be done for them.

Does it make a difference that you are brothers?

AZ: Yes, I really think it does. As the Lead Surgeon, Michael performs the surgical procedure and, as the Lead Dentist, I ensure the perfect look, fit and function of the teeth. Being family, we work seamlessly together.  We just both know how the other one works.

MZ: I also think it sets the feel and the culture at TDC – we are family run and proud of it. I think patients appreciate our culture of warmth and trust – once you come here you become part of the TDC family.

So what is the secret of your success?

MZ: Without a doubt – our fantastic team. The people who work at TDC are chosen for their skills and experience, but also for their caring approach towards our patients. Everyone at TDC is the very best at what they do – professionalism on every level is paramount – and they all care as much as we do.

What do your patients say about you?

MZ: We have hundreds of independent reviews and video testimonials and it makes us very proud to get such positive feedback. An example:

‘Viktorija who looked after me during my rest period was so kind and caring. Dr Michael Zybutz is a truly amazing surgeon and I can never thank him enough for giving me the smile I always dreamed of.

My advice for anyone contemplating this procedure with TDC Implant Centres is “do it, you will not look back”. It has given me confidence, happiness and most importantly a smile that I could only dream of.’

What should someone do if they would like to know more about TDC and your Smile in a Day procedure?

AZ: We aim to provide as much information as possible on our website to help inform people.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation* at all of our three implant centres (Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough). These can be requested online or by calling 020 3553 6415. Our friendly and highly trained Patient Advisors can answer any questions and book in consultations.

TDC – a family affair

25 Jul 2016

The TDC Difference: A family affair

From Dr Anthony Zybutz

A quick glance at our team page will tell you that there’s more than one Zybutz at TDC.

Michael and I are brothers, and have been working together for decades – and neither of us would have it any other way.

It was our uncle who first interested Michael in dentistry and because I’m 11 years younger, Michael was the role model I looked up to at the start of my career.

We’ve got everything covered

My focus is patient consultation, helping people choose the right treatment and making sure they are completely comfortable with the entire procedure.

This fits perfectly for me, as from a very early age I’ve always wanted a job that is all about people.

In this business, professional relationships must be built on collaboration. Michael has always been fascinated by the technical and surgical side of dentistry, and it’s this drive that had led him to become such a talented surgeon.

And as brothers with a complete understanding of eachother’s strengths and experience, we have everything covered.

Keeping it in the family

A new generation of the Zybutz family is now growing up, so who knows – maybe there’s another dentist among them?

To find out more about our Smile in a Day treatment you can arrange your free consultation here, or call 020 3553 6415

You can hear radio adverts for TDC Implant Centres on LBC, Heart, Heart Peterborough, and Heart Kent.

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