Creating your perfect smile

08 Dec 2020

“The wonderful thing about having Smile in a Day dental implants is that your smile can be literally transformed in a matter of hours.

Our patients arrive with loose and missing teeth and leave later that same day with a beautiful new set of teeth secured on implants.

It’s just wonderful to see their self-confidence flooding back,” says Dr Anthony Zybutz, Lead Dentist at TDC (Total Dentalcare) Implant Centres.

“We call it the “Reveal Moment” – when you see your new teeth for the first time. It’s usually the first time in years that our patients look in the mirror and see a beautiful smile reflected back at them. It’s always very emotional – for me as a dentist as well as the patient.”

The benefits of dental implants are well known. Well-placed implants solve all the problems people live and struggle with when they have loose and missing teeth – dental pain and discomfort, slipping and uncomfortable dentures, problems eating normally, fear of losing more teeth and low self-confidence.

The importance of loving your smile

But at TDC we know that fixing these problems is just half of the story – how your new teeth look is also hugely important. Being able to smile confidently again can make such a difference to how you feel about yourself and how you interact with other people.

Before treatment, many of our patients are so embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth that they cover their mouths with their hands when they speak. Some even avoid social situations entirely.

“Unless you have suffered with severe dental problems and felt too embarrassed to smile, you can’t really understand how much it means to people to get a beautiful smile back,” says Dr Anthony.

“It really changes lives.”

What makes the perfect smile?

“You might imagine that everyone wants a bright, white Hollywood smile,” says Dr Anthony. “For a time, that was the fashion. And if that is what our patients ask for, that is what we can give them.

But you’d be surprised. The majority of our patients tell us that they just want a natural-looking smile that reminds them of how they used to look.

In fact, the trend in UK cosmetic dentistry, especially with people over 30, is a move back towards embracing your perfect imperfections – those small imperfections that make you who you are. In short, the focus is on being the best you, not about looking artificial or one style suits all.

Subtle, natural-looking teeth enhance rather than dominate your facial features and let your personality shine through.

They want to see the smile they had when they got married, the one their partner fell in love with.

“My wife said I look just as I did when we first met 37 years ago….Thank you TDC for transforming my smile,” says one patient review on Trust Pilot.

For these patients, the ideal treatment result is when friends and family notice something different and happier about them, but can’t immediately pinpoint new teeth as the thing that has changed.

But what really matters – whether you choose dazzling or more subtle – is that each patient gets both the clinical results and the smile that they really want.”

Creating bespoke smiles at TDC

From the time that you come for your first consultation at one of our implant clinics, we listen to you; about how your smile used to be and how you would like it to be. We consider the size, shape and colour of your original teeth, as well as your facial structure and skin tone. We also factor in your personality.

We look at old photos and listen to what you want, as well as advising and discussing the options. We discuss and agree everything together – then we design your new teeth.

It’s all about the individual and what having a perfect smile means to them – taking care and an absolute attention to detail. That is what enables us to deliver outstanding natural-looking results that are totally bespoke to you.

Two sets of bespoke teeth, securely fixed on implants

With the TDC Smile in a Day procedure we place two sets of fixed teeth – both sets are designed specifically for your personal needs and requirements. Every patient is different.

The first set is placed on the day of your implant surgery. We make them look, fit and feel as perfect as possible so you instantly love your new smile.

At TDC Implant Centres, it takes about 8 weeks for your bone to integrate with your implants, and during that time your gums will settle and heal. So, although they are secured on your dental implants and stay in place night and day during the healing process, the first set is actually only a temporary fixed bridge.

During this time, you get used to living with a full set of new teeth, adjusting to how they feel in your mouth and seeing how they look. It’s a chance for you to work out if you want any changes to the size, shape and colour.

We understand that it can be hard to know exactly what you want at the start of the process and until you actually see them in place.

Your permanent set are also totally bespoke to you, incorporating any refinements you would like to make.

They are honed and refined with great care by leading dental technicians ensuring a perfect fit with your new gum shape and colour, restored bite function so you can eat normally, and beautiful aesthetics.

Expert craftsmanship – a blend of art and science

At TDC the people who create your new smile are all experts in their fields- whether it’s our Lead Surgeon Dr Michael Zybutz who places your implants with absolute precision, our highly experienced implant dentists who work with you to design and fit your new smile, or the outstanding technicians who mill, cast and craft the actual teeth.

We use the latest technology and techniques, and every aspect of your treatment is underpinned with excellence, meticulous attention to detail and the highest standards in every aspect of your treatment.

And using the highest quality, proven materials is crucial, so we can achieve the very best colour and texture, and a life-like creation.

Restoring your confidence

“Having stable, functioning new teeth that give you the confidence to smile without feel self-conscious can be life-changing,” says Dr Anthony.

“At TDC we understand it’s about the whole package. We’re here to solve your problems AND give you the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. No detail is too small – we really care about getting it right. It’s all part of the service.”

What our patients say – trusted reviews

“When I heard about TDC, I realised they were the answer to my prayers. The team are perfectionists, and in a day replaced my crumbling, worn out teeth with a beautiful full set of implants that will last a lifetime. Thank you TDC, I wish I had come to you years ago.” Trust Pilot March 2020

“Since having the treatment, I can’t stop smiling and am able to eat everything and anything! My confidence has been completely restored. And the positive comments I have received from friends and family since having my permanent teeth have been fantastic.” Trust Pilot April 2019

“My new teeth look amazing and I am no longer embarrassed by the gaps in my smile.” Feefo September 2020

Book your free consultation*

The TDC Smile in a Day dental implant treatment restores oral health and perfect smiles with just a single surgical procedure, without the need for bone grafts in the majority of cases.

Our award-winning, highly skilled teams routinely help people who have been incorrectly told by their own dentist that their extreme gum disease and bone loss makes them unsuitable for dental implants.

If you would like to see how treatment at TDC could give you your perfect smile, why not book a free, no-obligation consultation*? We have centres in Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough.

TDC Dental Awards and Media Profiles

19 Jun 2020

Being nominated as finalists and winning prestigious dental industry awards is the icing on the cake for the Total Dentalcare (TDC) Dental Implant Centres team.

It’s very rewarding for the whole team to get recognition for our hard work and results, especially in key categories that showcase our excellence in implant dentistry and commitment to outstanding patient care.

But it is also a valuable way for people considering treatment to understand more about TDC and the high standards of clinical care they can expect when they come to us for Smile in a Day dental implant treatment.

“Rewarding for our team, peace of mind for our patients”

“Our reputation for excellence is built on our specialist-led clinical work in implant dentistry and consistently outstanding results, along with the most positive treatment experience and patient care,” say TDC founders, Drs Michael and Anthony Zybutz.

“Every member of our dental team is totally committed to being the very best and is vital to our success. It gives us a great sense of pride when industry experts acknowledge our successes through nominations, awards and profiling us as experts in our field.

And this goes hand in hand with the hundreds of positive patient reviews we have received from patients who have had their Smile in a Day treatment at TDC Implant Centres.

This sort of feedback is rewarding for our team, and peace of mind for our patients.

Patients appreciate our culture of warmth and trust.

Not only do you get beautiful new teeth and a smile you can be proud of – once you come here, you become part of the TDC family.”

Some key TDC Implant Centre achievements


Private Dentistry Awards

• TDC won in the “Best Treatment of Nervous Patients (London)” category at the 2021 Private Dentistry Awards
• We were finalists in the “Practice of the Year” category for our Peterborough centre, and also for “Best Website”

Dentistry Awards
• TDC Implant Centres were awards “Highly Commended“ in the “Best Patient Care” category
• We were finalists in the “Best Website” category


Private Dentistry Awards

TDC were finalists in four categories:
• Best Patient Care
• Practice of the Year, for TDC Harley Street
• Best Treatment of Nervous Patients
• Best Website

Dentistry Awards

• TDC won in the “Best Patient Care” category
• TDC Harley Street was awarded “Highly Commended” in the “Best Practice” category
• We were finalists in the “Best Website” category

My Face My Body Awards

TDC Implant Centres won in two categories:
• Dental Practice of the Year
• Dental Make-over of the Year (aesthetic dentsistry awards)


Private Dentistry Awards
• We won the “Best Patient Care (London)” category at the Private Dentistry Awards 2019
• We were finalists in the “Best Patient Care” category.

Dentistry Awards
• We were finalists in the “Best Patient Care” category

My Face My Body Awards

TDC Harley Street won in two categories:
• Dental Practice of the Year
• Dental Make-over of the Year

Media Profiles

• Drs Michael and Anthony are well-known for their appearances on TV – on the Discovery Channel and Channel 5’s Botched Up Bodies, as experts reversing the effects of poor dental work.

Dentistry Magazine profiled Drs Michael and Anthony Zybutz as UK leaders in dental implants and the Smile in a Day same-day dental implant technique

TDC Smile in a Day centres were highlighted as the specialist practices where general dentists refer their patients due to our specialist periodontal skills and experience in the field of same-day dental implants.

• We are included in the My Face My Body “Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders for 2020” for the second year in a row.

Talk to us

We offer a free, no obligation consultation* in all of our three implant centres (Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough). These can be requested online or by calling 020 3553 6415

Our friendly and highly trained Patient Advisors can answer your questions and book in consultations.

About our founders

Dr Michael Zybutz is a General Dental Council (GDC) registered Specialist Periodontist, trained in the USA, and is our Lead Surgeon.

He has over 25 years’ experience in placing implants, which means we can treat even the most challenging cases.  We routinely help people who have been told that they don’t have enough bone for dental implants.

Dr Anthony Zybutz is certified in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry, and has been placing teeth on dental implants since the mid 1990’s.

He is well known for his work in aesthetic dentistry and smile restoration.

The award-winning TDC team 2018

21 Mar 2018

On March 17th, TDC Implant Centres were delighted to win the Best Customer Experience Award at the My Face My Body Awards 2018. These global awards celebrate innovation and customer excellence within the aesthetics industry.

Below, TDC’s Dr Michael and Dr Anthony Zybutz talk about winning the award and why patient care is so important to them in the dental implant process.

How did you feel when you were announced as winners?

MZ: Fantastic! Being shortlisted as a finalist – in probably the most competitive category – was daunting; we take patient care very seriously and here was a way to have our efforts independently verified and rewarded. We really wanted to win.

When TDC were announced as the winners we were so excited we jumped out of our seats and hugged each other. We then all went up onto the stage to receive our award.

Why does winning this Best Customer Experience Award matter to you and your team?

AZ: Each one of our patients has their own story to tell and their own reasons for needing treatment before they come to us.

They choose us at TDC for our consistently outstanding results, the very highest standards of patient care throughout the treatment process and beyond, and a life-changing experience. So, we put a huge amount of effort into making it a really positive and life-affirming experience for each patient as an individual.

MZ: Yes, it’s really gratifying to receive an award that is all about customer service. We are also very proud of our five-star patient reviews on Trust Pilot and Feefo. They are all independently verified which is important so that they can confirm to us that our patients agree that we really are doing the best job. They also help and re-assure people considering the treatment that they can have peace of mind when they come to TDC.

What were the criteria for entering the awards?

AZ: The first step was to submit a very detailed entry form and additional material, all showing how patient care is at the very forefront of what we do at TDC, and then encourage people to vote for us.

Once we were confirmed as a finalist, we were told we would be visited by a mystery shopper who actually comes into the practice and has a consultation. We still don’t know who the mystery shopper was or when they came in, but we do know that they were very impressed! Finally, a panel of judges looked at everything to make a final decision.

What makes the patient care at TDC so exceptional?

MZ: Everything we do is underpinned by the highest standards of clinical excellence and patient care – it’s what we are known for. We believe that quality matters – our patients are taking an important step that affects their overall quality of life, and they are making a significant investment in their well-being. This is our patients’ health – only the best will do.

This ethos runs through both our clinical team and our patient contact team so that our patients are thoroughly cared for from when they first contact us right through their treatment and onwards to maintenance of our work.

AZ: We make sure that we are the very best on every level. We offer specialist clinical care using the latest technology and use the highest quality implants and materials to deliver consistently outstanding results. These things combine to give real peace of mind.

Michael is a Specialist Surgeon and Periodontist with over 25 years’ experience in placing implants, which means we can treat even the most challenging cases – even people who have been told that nothing can be done for them.

Does it make a difference that you are brothers?

AZ: Yes, I really think it does. As the Lead Surgeon, Michael performs the surgical procedure and, as the Lead Dentist, I ensure the perfect look, fit and function of the teeth. Being family, we work seamlessly together.  We just both know how the other one works.

MZ: I also think it sets the feel and the culture at TDC – we are family run and proud of it. I think patients appreciate our culture of warmth and trust – once you come here you become part of the TDC family.

So what is the secret of your success?

MZ: Without a doubt – our fantastic team. The people who work at TDC are chosen for their skills and experience, but also for their caring approach towards our patients. Everyone at TDC is the very best at what they do – professionalism on every level is paramount – and they all care as much as we do.

What do your patients say about you?

MZ: We have hundreds of independent reviews and video testimonials and it makes us very proud to get such positive feedback. An example:

‘Viktorija who looked after me during my rest period was so kind and caring. Dr Michael Zybutz is a truly amazing surgeon and I can never thank him enough for giving me the smile I always dreamed of.

My advice for anyone contemplating this procedure with TDC Implant Centres is “do it, you will not look back”. It has given me confidence, happiness and most importantly a smile that I could only dream of.’

What should someone do if they would like to know more about TDC and your Smile in a Day procedure?

AZ: We aim to provide as much information as possible on our website to help inform people.

We offer a free, no obligation consultation* at all of our three implant centres (Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough). These can be requested online or by calling 020 3553 6415. Our friendly and highly trained Patient Advisors can answer any questions and book in consultations.

Having dental treatment abroad

18 Jul 2017

Considering having dental implants abroad?

Known as “dental tourism” or “dental holidays” it sounds so simple: you pack your passport, hop on a plane and return a few days later with a topped-up tan and a fantastic new smile makeover that’s cost significantly less than if you’d had the dental surgery done in the UK.

Choosing your dental implant dentist – research carefully

Where you decide to have dental treatment – whether in the UK or overseas – is a very personal decision: you need to find a dentist you can trust to perform the procedure and also give you the necessary aftercare.

However, if you’re considering having dental treatment abroad, the NHS cautions that it’s vital to do your research beforehand and be aware of the potential risks.

This is particularly important if you’ll be having dental implants as they involve dental surgery and, as with all surgical procedures, there is potential for complications.

‘If you make the wrong decision you’ll remember it a lot longer than you’ll remember the money you saved,’ says Dr Michael Zybutz, Co-founder and Lead Surgeon at TDC Implant Centres.

While dental treatment abroad may often be less expensive than visiting a UK dentist and it is tempting to save money, there are frequently hidden costs you may not have considered, especially if something doesn’t go according to plan and you find yourself needing further treatment.

‘Dental implants – and more especially full-mouth dental implants – are an investment for the rest of your life,’ says Dr Michael.

‘It’s worth paying more for quality and peace of mind.

We’ve never had a patient complain about the cost after they’ve experienced life with their new teeth. Many patients say it’s the best money they’ve ever spent.’

10 reasons to choose TDC over dental treatments abroad

1. We are leaders in same day dental implants

‘We have been placing dental implants for over two decades,’ says Dr Zybutz, ‘We’re a leading UK provider of Smile in a Day dental implants with three award-winning dental clinics in Harley Street, Peterborough and Folkestone. It’s what we do.’

‘Not only our dentists, but all our highly trained clinical staff are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC), the organisation that regulates dental professionals in the UK and maintains standards for the benefit of patients. If you opt for dental treatment abroad that’s not the case.’

As the GDC cautions: ‘You may want to find out if you can expect the same standards of training from the dentist who will be carrying out your dental treatment abroad.’

TDC has an impeccable safety record and has never had a single case of septicaemia.

‘Through thoroughly screening patients, creating a sterile environment by using surgical drapes and other rigorous infection-control measures, our patients know that they’re in safe hands,’ says Dr Michael.

2. We’re UK-registered dental specialists

‘If the dentist claims to be a specialist, it’s also important to ask whether they can back this up,’ says the GDC, which holds lists of dentists in the UK entitled to use the title ‘specialist’.
‘Entry onto these lists is only granted if a dentist meets certain minimum standards of training.’

What this means is that if anything goes wrong you can lodge a complaint with the GDC, something you can’t do if you have dental treatments abroad.

According to Dr Michael, a periodontal specialist who’s both registered with the GDC and certified by the American Board of Periodontology, and who has lectured internationally on the Smile in a Day technique: ‘We’ve never had a single GDC complaint in the two decades I’ve been practising.’

3. We really care – and take your safety seriously

The TDC team knows that many patients find having dental work done very stressful so we spend lots of time explaining the procedure and discussing any concerns you may have.

• Safety processes

Assessment before dental treatment is vital. At TDC, every patient is assessed at an initial consultation with an experienced implant dentist so they can discuss their needs, dental history and options.

Patients assessed as being likely to be suitable for Smile in a Day treatment, and who wish to progress to the next stage, then have a CT scan.

CT scans take detailed x-ray images, enabling our clinical team to analyse below the surface of the gum and measure the amount, location and quality of bone in your jaw. These scans are also used in the pre-surgery planning and precise placement of your dental implants.

Patients are provided with a detail treatment plan so they can make an informed decision about their treatment.

Where we do not believe that Smile in a Day is a suitable treatment we are alway honest; we discuss alternative dental treatment options with the patient.

• Award-winning patient care

‘Our team is renowned for its gentle and empathetic approach,’ says Dr Zybutz.

‘And we are very proud that we consistently win industry awards for our patient care. From the moment you first contact us, through to your initial free consultation, your dental implant surgery and your aftercare, you will be well cared for.

In 2020, we won in the ‘Best Patient Care’ category at the Dentistry Awards, and in 2021 we won in the Private Dentistry Awards ‘Best Treatment of Nervous Patients‘ category.

‘All our surgical patients get our personal mobile phone numbers so that they can call us and know that they will get advice, reassurance or treatment at any time.’

4. We deliver consistently outstanding results

With advanced surgical techniques such as same day dental implants you want peace of mind when committing to dental implant surgery and to be confident that your new teeth and smile are exactly what you hope for.

At TDC, our specialist surgical skills, 20 years+ experience in dental implant placement, use of high quality implants and components, commitment to crafting bespoke new teeth and the highest levels of patient care combine to deliver consistently outstanding results for our patients.

5. We speak English

If you have dental treatment abroad the team treating you may well not have English as their first language, and the NHS warns that you could find your expectations of how a dentist should communicate with a patient aren’t met:

‘You may also feel more vulnerable in an environment that’s unfamiliar, especially if you can’t easily ask questions.’

Dr Zybutz stresses that good communication is key to treatment at TDC: ‘Having your dental procedure in the UK rather than travelling to clinics abroad, means you are in familiar surroundings and being treated by people you can easily communicate with.’

6. We’re UK-based

Smile in a Day is an advanced and highly skilled technique that can replace loose and missing teeth – it is the closest solution to natural teeth. Most of our patients require full sets of new teeth in their upper jaw, lower jaw, or both; it is not a purely cosmetic procedure.

While Smile in a Day full mouth implants is a procedure where you have any remaining defective teeth removed and replaced with new fixed teeth in just one day, the treatment requires an average of seven visits.

On surgery day, a set of temporary teeth is securely placed on dental implants. They remain in place night and day during the healing phase (about three months) until they are exchanged for your final new teeth at a non-surgical appointment.

In addition, you need to have long-term maintenance appointments with a qualified team so that your new teeth can be properly cared for and any potential problems can be picked up quickly and corrected. If you’re considering having implants outside the UK you need to factor in the time and cost of multiple visits abroad.

TDC has centres in London’s Harley Street, Folkestone and Peterborough so your friendly dental team is always close by ‒ not a flight away ‒ should you need us.

7. Our costs are clear

Having an open and honest approach is really important to us, and this also applies to our costs, which are all-inclusive and transparent. If you travel abroad for treatment the originally quoted costs may well rise, especially if there are complications.

‘We want as many people as possible to benefit from the confidence that comes from having secure, functioning teeth and beautiful smile,’ says Dr Zybutz.

‘That’s why we offer a range of finance options to help make treatment more affordable.’

8. We offer quality aftercare

The NHS website warns that UK residents going abroad for implants may experience problems if they need remedial work after surgery:

‘When people seek follow-up care in the UK, sometimes several years after the surgery was carried out, it can be very difficult for dentists over here to treat them if they don’t have full documentation about the way procedures were carried out.’

Placing dental implants is a skilled surgical procedure and, as all surgery carries an element of risk, it’s important that you know what will happen if the implant isn’t successful.

It’s also important to remember that if anything goes wrong with implants where you’ve had treatment abroad, you’ll have the hassle and cost (flights and accommodation) of going back even if your dental work has been guaranteed.

‘It’s not unusual to end up spending more money on remedial work than you’ve saved,’ says Dr Michael.

At TDC we offer a comprehensive after-care programme and know each patient personally so we have a detailed record of the procedure you’ve had.

We also enter patients into our Maintenance Programme whereby you’ll come back to see us to ensure your dental implants stay in great condition.

‘This typifies our commitment to excellence and to forging a long-term relationship with our patients as individuals,’ says Dr Zybutz.

9. We use tried-and-trusted high quality dental implants

When considering dental implants abroad it’s important to find out what type of implants will be used and how long the dentists have been using them.

‘At TDC we use pure titanium because we’ve found this gives the best results and is just one of the reasons we have such a high success rate,’ says Dr Zybutz. ‘The jawbone integrates with the titanium more reliably than with alloys (alloys are more low cost dental implants), and we have had long-lasting results with them.

And because we do so many of these procedures, we keep a full stock in different sizes on our premises so that we can use the implant that’s most appropriate for every patient.

Dental clinics abroad may not ordinarily stock such a large range.’

10. We get glowing independent reviews

By travelling abroad for treatment you won’t necessarily have access to reviews you can trust. ‘For the ultimate peace of mind of our patients we subscribe to two independent online review sites: Trustpilot and Feefo,’ says Dr Zybutz.

‘That way, prospective patients can read unbiased feedback on the work we do. I find it very gratifying that we get such fantastic reviews.’

‘To read that our staff are “brilliant, professional and caring” and have our patients saying that Smile in a Day is “the best thing I’ve ever done” makes it all worthwhile.’

Take your time – find the right solution for you

Every patient has their own specific needs, so remember to take time to research your options carefully and to find a dental team that you feel comfortable with and trust with your dental care.

Talk to your own dentist, or talk to us at TDC.

For more information, download the General Dental Council’s free pdf: ‘Going abroad for your dental care?


Choosing the right surgeon

01 Aug 2016

So how do you know who to trust?

As with any healthcare profession, qualifications and training are a vital benchmark.

That may sound obvious, but not when you consider that any dentist can legally place implants.

To make sure your implant surgeon will carry out the treatment to high standards, ensure they are on the General Dental Council’s (GDC’s) specialist list. This means they have gone through years of additional, formally recognised training to learn proper surgical skills. Our Lead Surgeon, Dr Michael Zybutz, is a periodontal specialist registered with the GDC and the American Board of Periodontology.

What training have they completed?

Would you want your dental  implant surgeon to have simply taken a short course before offering the service to the public? Experience matters, which is why Dr Zybutz underwent a three-year, full time extensive dental training program from Seattle’s University of Washington School of Dentistry.

Decades, or days, of experience?

Any dentist with a dental degree can legally place an implant, even though they may never have been taught surgical placement. Our surgeon has been placing implants for over 25 years. After working in this speciality for so long, he has faced every challenge, and has the skill and experience to know exactly what to do for every patient.

Will you be fully protected against infection?

You need to be absolutely sure that every safeguard is in place. At TDC, we take infection control very seriously indeed. All patients are fully draped for surgery and the team is thoroughly trained in optimal infection control procedures.

Do you want state-of-the-art care?

Approaches to diagnosis and treatment vary greatly between practices, yet innovative processes can dramatically improve the care you receive.

For example, at TDC, we use Cone Beam CT scans (that reduce the radiation dose) to create 3D computer images of your jawbone to analyse every millimetre, ensuring precision planning. We can also use 3D printing to create a perfect replica of your jaw, then perform surgery on the copy first to make sure there are no surprise complications when we do it for real.

More questions?

These are just a few of the ways you can check your surgeon is professional, highly qualified and at the forefront of new technology and techniques. For more information check out our Frequently Asked Questions section or read our Questions to ask your Dental Implant Dentist page or call 020 3553 6415

The rewards and challenges of being a dentist

25 Apr 2016

From Dr Anthony Zybutz

We talk a lot on this blog about all the details that go into our Smile in a Day treatment.

Whether it’s the materials the implants are made of, our planning process, or the scientific research that informs our treatment, we want to make sure our patients understand every detail of the service we offer.

While new patients want to know about all these elements and are reassured by the expertise we have developed over decades of experience, there’s one question that both my brother and I are asked that no textbook will ever answer – what it’s like to be a dentist in this specialist area of the profession? What is most rewarding and what are the biggest challenges we face?

A very moving experience

Let’s start with the easiest question. I was talking to my brother Michael the other day who carries out the surgery here at TDC, and this is what he said: “Patients are so delighted when they see what we’ve been able to do for them, and it’s impossible not to be moved by it. You can’t ever get blasé about it – to see people crying, the whole family hugging each other, is so rewarding. They will say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done in their lives, and I ask them if they mean best in terms of dental care. And they say ‘no, it’s the best thing in my whole life’.”

I can identify with him, because I feel the same. As Michael says, you never get used it, and we feel so privileged that we can help give people their smile – and their confidence – back.

The follow-up question is normally about the worst bit of the job. And that’s always difficult because in all honesty, there isn’t one. Yes, there are challenges, but when the rewards are so high, they pale into insignificance.

If I were pushed for an answer, I’d say the very fact that people are so moved by their treatment is the biggest emotional challenge for us too. When I first meet a patient for their initial consultation, they can often be very tearful. I’m meeting them to learn all about the difficulties they’ve had with their teeth, and telling their story can be upsetting for them.

But while it can sometimes bring a tear to my own eye to see people being so open and honest, I actually find it inspiring. It’s what motivates me to do the very best job I can.

And although it’s a very emotional time for all of us, I am already thinking of that day not too far in the future when I can hand them a mirror and show them what TDC has been able to do. That first consultation is the beginning of a transformation and it’s exciting to know what lies ahead.

If you would like to know more about our Smile in a Day treatment you can arrange your free consultation here, or call 020 3553 6415.

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We aim to provide you with information that helps you make the best treatment decisions. In this section, we provide useful articles to answer the questions we are often asked, and tell you more about the award-winning TDC team.