“Once a person has a good smile, they radiate more confidence. That’s me for sure.” Tina tells her Smile in a Day story.
Tina Cooke
Robert needed a solution to his loose teeth and knew he didn't want dentures. Here he tells why he chose TDC Smile in a  Day.
Robert Reeve
“In just a few hours I’d come from painful, falling-apart teeth to something that really look completely different. Amazing.”
Glenda Foster
"TDC were able to help me when other dentists told me that nothing could be done." Watch Rebecca's transformation story.
Rebecca Webbon
Cathianne tells how her TDC Smile in a Day dental implants mean she can smile again and eat again, and about her new-found confidence.
Cathianne Downing
Martin explains how having Smile in a Day treatment has given him his smile, his confidence and his life back.
Martin Gardner
"I can't recommend them enough," says TDC patient John, "They're life-changing." John talks about his personal Smile in a Day experience.
John Loach
"It's just like a whole new me. It's nice to see someone smiling in the mirror." Helen tells her smile transformation story.
Helen Few
TDC Smile in a Day treatment helped Graham overcome his “pathological fear” of going to the dentist - and gave him a beautiful new smile...
Graham Barrow
In this video you can see Peter crunching a tasty green apple - unthinkable before his treatment at TDC.
Peter Butler
Ruth was so self-conscious about her teeth that she didn't go out for three years, apart from work. Here she tells how her life has changed.
Ruth Bruce
For years Janet hated looking in the mirror and covered her mouth when she smiled.  Having her teeth done was the trigger to a happier life...
Janet Payne
Watch Jonathan talk about his life before and after his life-changing TDC Smile in a Day treatment.
Jonathan Anderson
Shannon explains how TDC Smile in a Day helped her overcome her dental phobia and restored her self-confidence.
Shannon Crisp
After years of neglecting his teeth, a TDC patient talks about the difference Smile in a Day has made to his life.  
Patient 1
Keen to avoid dentures, Karen opted for TDC Smile in a Day dental implants instead and is delighted with her beautiful new smile.
Smile in a Day dental implants have enabled this TDC patient to eat whatever he wants whenever he wants.  
Patient 2
Find out how Smile in a Day dental implants helped this TDC patient whose painful teeth made it difficult to eat.
Patient 3