Patient Review

‘I felt no pain, not even discomfort and I wasn’t even remotely anxious throughout.’

‘If, like me, you were embarrassed by your teeth, hated seeing photos of yourself and even photo-shopped pics to improve how your teeth looked; then don’t hesitate, as it will be the best decision you will ever make.

I was a very scared, nervous dental patient, before my experience with the TDC Team in Peterborough.

Like so many, I experienced childhood trauma with my school dentist and had become incredibly anxious.

I did overcome this fear, when I found a great dentist in Leicester but after moving to Lincolnshire and joining a new dental practice; things went very wrong again and by the time I finally plucked up the courage to visit TDC, it had been over 12 years since my last dentist visit.

My first appointment with TDC, I was terrified and burst into tears just sitting in the chair, talking about my experience but they were so kind and gentle and took so much time trying to calm me.

They encouraged me to share my experiences, so that they could understand my background and how my journey had brought me to TDC.

After a painless examination and a few x-rays, we discussed my options and arrangements were made for my next visit. After a false start; when my fear once again took grip; I finally took the plunge in 2019.

My dentist was Martin Zunde, who has been amazing throughout. He and his dental technician, Haj, could not have been more kind, gentle and patient.

It was the day of my surgery 12:30 19th November 2020. I hadn’t slept the night before and was a bundle of excitement and nerves.

My treatment coordinator for my entire journey in TDC had been Clair Beckett and she had been a God-send and had kept in constant touch with me throughout.

Clair called me the day before, knowing I would be anxious and she was there waiting for me, on my arrival.

She stayed with me, reassuring and calm, until my anaesthetist Nico came to meet me. A lovely chap, with a friendly, confident manner. He explained the process and asked a few final questions and it was time to meet Dr Michael Zybutz.

Clair and Dr Zybutz took me into a private room, talked through what was to happen and made sure I knew exactly what to expect.

Dr Zybutz was very calm; a consummate professional and has a gentle, reassuring manner.

I was given pre-op medication and we moved into the treatment room.

Dr Zybutz was joined by my dentist Martin, the anaesthetist Nico and lead dental nurse Nicola-Jane. Nico popped a cannula in my hand and I was off to la-la land!

I had been nervous about the numbing injections but don’t remember them happening and certainly didn’t feel them. I remember seeing Martin, Michael and occasionally Nico and responding to them, during the procedure; opening my mouth, turning my head and such and I knew from the sounds and the ‘feeling’, if that’s the right word; when they were doing the extractions and drilling.

It sounds scary and the thought of this would have turned me a gibbering wreck before but I can honestly tell you; I felt no pain, not even discomfort and I wasn’t even remotely anxious throughout. Thank the Lord for conscious sedation and the TDC Team!

For me, time just passed so quickly; from around 13:00 until 17:00. It was over in a blink and I was back in a waiting area, with Clair and a cooling milk shake.

Still no pain or discomfort but a whole lot of slobber! My face was still numb right up to my nose and trying to drink was a lot of fun. You will need lots of tissues that night!

By the time we were calling my partner to collect me, it was around 18:00 and I was on the way home by 19:00, with a new smile.

Martin and the team gave me everything I would need, medication, toothbrushes, mouthwash etc., together with full instructions.

Since then, I had 4 more appointments between November and March, with Martin and Haj. Including two with a lovely hygienist, Jess, who also did a fabulous job.

On 17th March, I got my final set fitted and I now have a beautiful new smile and I can say, hand on ❤️ that I had no pain, at all, at any stage of this process.

Thank you all for giving me back my smile💋’

(A five star Google review)

March 2021