Patient Review


‘From the moment I made that initial call to TDC Folkstone in January of this year (it took me a whole year to pluck up the courage to make that call) and spoke to Becca, who totally put me at ease, my life changed. Dr Michael Zybutz and Dr Bilal Afzal together with their wonderful team are my heroes. They made the whole process fear free (I had full sets of implants top and bottom). On the day of fitting the temporary implants which I have to say were gorgeous, they totally put me at ease, they played music of my choice and the friendly banter between them totally relaxed me (no sedation). Had slight discomfort after but no more than a dull ache which you can remedy with paracetamol.They are truly absolute professionals. In June I had my permanent sets fitted. Oh wow! I am so happy! And to be able to eat anything is absolute freedom. I waited until now to give my review as 3 months have passed and that seemed a reasonable time to see how everything has settled. Everything is perfect and I love everything about my teeth, to have no movement is absolute pure bliss, it has totally transformed my life. If you are thinking about it, do it, don’t wait a year as I did.’

September 2016