Patient Review

‘Although I was slightly apprehensive about the actual surgery (extraction and single tooth implant), in retrospect there really wasn’t anything to worry about. I felt so lucky that I could have my tooth taken out and the implant inserted on the same day (it was the miracle I had been hoping for, as the tooth that needed extracting was very near the front of my mouth). After surgery I had very slight swelling (nobody else could notice it) and a tooth that looked as though it had always been part of the rest of my teeth (and that’s just the provisional one!). I went back to work the following day – work colleagues were impressed – but I really felt fine! Finding out that I had to lose a tooth was very traumatic, but having a dental implant was amazingly straightforward. I’m so glad that I chose TDC because they are specialists in implants and because the whole procedure was carried out in such a professional but caring way.’

May 2016