Patient Review

‘I’m learning to smile again and regain the lost confidence of years gone by’

‘I am less than 3 weeks post surgery, for both upper and lower jaw implants and I am recovering really well.

I had researched TDC a great deal before contacting them and I know, without a doubt that I absolutely made the right decision to put my trust in them.

It has been a long torturous journey to get to this point – a child in the 70’s, with near enough every tooth filled, for no clinical reason, leading to further problems in my 30’s and lost teeth by my 50’s, so I came to TDC at a point of no return!!

Thank God I met Martin, Clair and Michael – and their team – what complete superstars they have been – with such superb skill and professionalism.

They have literally changed the future for me – I’m learning to smile again and regain the lost confidence of years gone by.

The procedure, I would literally go through again (obviously not possible! ) as it was absolutely painless and I quite enjoyed the sedation!!

I was aware of responding to commands, but no pain at all – afterwards I was a bit swollen, but nothing major. I took 4 days off work, which I needed, but it was more a psychological recovery, rather than a physical one.

The procedure has been totally life changing!

Thank you Clair, for being so supportive and reassuring, Martin, for your wonderful gentle way with me and for keeping your promise, that you will give me beautiful teeth and Michael, for your expertise and clinical skill in placing the 8 implants, when I was always told that I probably wouldn’t be able to have implants due to having very little bone !!!

If you have a story like mine, these guys are the complete A Team – they are the very best at what they do – call them, get a consultation- it will be worth it x

Google Review July 2022

July 2022