Patient Review

‘For anyone wondering whether this is the right thing to do… DON’T HESITATE !!!!’

‘Dear all at Peterborough TDC, (and for all future possible clients ) NB this is for Teeth in a Day process…top and bottom.

Firstly, I am sure you hear this all time but for me the fear of first walking through your doors and having to show multiple people my abysmal teeth was on a par with someone doing a bungee jump with nothing but a string of spaghetti.

I was ashamed and embarrassed that fundamentally I had allowed myself to get in such a mess both through phobia and then embarrassment and also through financial problems with a former abusive partner.

My confidence has been on the floor for 10 years. I stopped socialising, I stopped dating.

This wasn’t because I had nothing to say (I had plenty!) – it was because every word spoken was an opportunity for them to see my teeth – so for years my conversations have been others speaking and me nodding like one of those dogs you get on dashboards in cars.

Let’s forward up to today.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON had a positive impact on my day on some way, without exception.

This can rarely be said for any company that every single person counts but today they really did.

For my medical smile make over team – the docs, nurses, smile fabricator and anaethetist in the house , my goodness – I know to you I am but another patient but it was imperative for me to let you know that the care and attention to detail you gave me during today’s procedure melted my heart.

You were so very kind to me and reassuring. I can honestly say I have felt no pain during or afterwards this evening.

Special thanks and huge love to Martin, Michael and Nico and Clair you are amazing !!!!!. You will forever be my heroes 🙂

For anyone wondering whether this is the right thing to do… DON’T HESITATE !!!!

I also wholly recommend the waking sedation… time flies and it feels like 15 mins.

3 month edit …. still amazing !

So much love for Peterborough TDC ♡’

(A Five Star Google Review)

July 2021