Patient Review

‘From minute one I have actually been totally pain-free’

‘I have been totally pain-free from leaving the surgery yesterday afternoon, in fact, I had no need to take any painkiller at all! I did take the Ibuprofen for a very minimal swell. I am taking my antibiotics etc.

Saying that, from minute one I have actually been totally pain free, which I think is truly amazing and a testament to the skill and expertise of your entire team. I actually feel I could do the 3 Peaks Challenge again right now, which I did last year and is not easy.

As you know I was nervous – or should I say terrified!

I want to thank everyone thus far from the bottom of my heart for making me feel relaxed and with my phobia – which it genuinely is – of injections etc.

Nico (the anaesthetist) was outstanding – such a lovely man and obviously an expert in his field.

Dr Zybutz, Dr Baloch and their entire team are outstanding with what they have achieved with me, and with such a feeling towards me of this “is what they do daily,” which I find amazing.

Yes, I have spent a considerable amount of money, there is no doubt, it will take a couple of years to pay back, but it saved my entire top teeth. How do you put a price on that? Especially in my line of work – public speaking????

Finally thank you for looking after Sara all day. I actually had no idea I was in surgery so many hours as it felt like 20 minutes. I do know Sara was very impressed with the organisation also. You made her feel very welcome.

All I need to say is how wonderfully well you personally treated me – you are a real credit to your company as the customer-facing representative at the frontline.

Becca, simply, thank you.’

Patient email to Patient Co-ordinator (Folkestone Centre)

February 2019