Patient Review

‘A professional approach, a painless procedure and a personal pathway to greater self-confidence’

‘A poor previous dental experience over three decades ago whilst at university combined with my own lack of desire to engage with any dentist since, led to me having teeth that were loose, broken and chipped alongside an infected gum line that was receding both top and bottom.

Confidence in work and social situations was diminishing almost weekly over the last year or so and levels of personal discomfort around eating, chewing and even sleeping were increasingly occupying my thoughts – so, time for action!

I researched my options extensively and ‘worse-case’ scenario for me, at least initially, centred around implants – single, multiple or complete (both upper and lower jaws).

Dentist and procedure due diligence was undertaken and I looked at many potential dentists and options both here in the UK and abroad, including Ireland, as well as the industry professional organisations that represent UK dental practitioners and to my mind only one really stood out amongst the crowd – TDC.

From the initial contact with the TDC team in Harley St, to the initial consultation with dentist Dr Anthony, then the subsequent procedure with surgeon Dr Michael and Dr Nico (who managed the conscious sedation), I am now four weeks post-op having had the Smile in a Day treatment on both lower and upper jaws.

Life is transformed, even with my provisional teeth (and people have complimented these already too!).

The professional, caring, engaging and considered approach offered by the team at TDC has been exemplary from the initial contact several weeks back to the on-going post-op advice and guidance I have been receiving to date.

I look forward to moving through the remainder of the Smile in a Day procedure towards my final teeth and would thoroughly recommend the TDC team for their expert knowledge and work and helping me make that big positive step towards better personal confidence and I have no doubt that I have found my reason to smile again…

A professional approach, a painless procedure and a personal pathway to greater self-confidence – what more could I ask for from the TDC team! Thank you so much…’

December 2017