Patient Review

‘New teeth in a day!’

‘I had top and bottom implants fitted by TDC Implant Centre in Folkestone and can highly recommend the whole team and the quality of the replacement teeth.

I had the conscious sedation and would urge anyone thinking of having this procedure to do the same.

It really does make the whole operation pain free.

I had some swelling and discomfort for a few days after the implants and temporary teeth were first fitted but this eased within a week. I did have quite a few of my own teeth left that needed to be removed so I suspect this is the reason for the swelling.

The temporary teeth are a little bulkier than the final teeth so can make speaking a little tricky – some words are harder than others but the final set are much smaller and my speech has now returned to normal without me having to be careful how a pronounce words.

The cost is expensive and you can find cheaper prices but all I can say is that the quality of the work and the materials are top notch and the team are really professional and caring.’

August 2021