Patient Review

‘My Implant Procedure’

‘When I first came across TDC & seeing what I thought was the perfect solution to my ongoing dental problems, I was a little dismayed at the cost.

However, having now been through the process, I realise it was worth every penny & wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TDC to anyone.

And forget going abroad for this treatment!

I didn’t go to TDC for aesthetic reasons, more because I was losing teeth or needing them to be taken out, therefore requiring to wear dentures.

But now not only am I loving the no worries of any toothache but have to say enjoying my teeth looking rather better than before & enjoying all the compliments! It was heaven to go on a long foreign holiday with no dental worries for a month.

From the moment I had my first consultation with Dr Anthony & then the big procedure by Dr Michael I felt so at ease.

There was a stage on the actual morning when Dr Michael warns about all the possible risks, I just wanted to run! But after being sedated by the wonderful Nico, my day went perfectly.

These men are are such experts & they really go the extra mile to ensure the best treatment for you.

The rest of the team are also so helpful & all in all I am totally happy with my experience. And smile in all photos now!

Thanks again.’

August 2018