Patient Review

‘I can eat properly after a long time struggling with dentures’

‘Having had teething problems for some time and getting worse, a friend recommended me to TDC because he had exactly the same problem and wished he had it sorted earlier.

I hadn’t thought about implants before but as he showed me and explained the procedure I was impressed, so made an appointment to see TDC.

I too was impressed with the reception I got, from the initial welcome, from having the procedure explained to me in detail and the first stage of the procedure carried out.

I had to have both upper and lower teeth done which involved quite a number of teeth having to be removed, so as you can imagine, I was somewhat apprehensive. But I need not have worried as after having the sedation I didn’t feel a thing although awake and, before I knew it, it was finished.

I have temporary teeth now so can eat properly after a long time struggling with dentures and am due to go back in a few months time for fitting the final teeth.

I notice some reviews mention that they have to go back more times than they anticipated but I see this as a good thing as TDC want to make sure everything is alright and so do I, therefore, I am pleased with that.

I am very happy with the whole experience, with the professionalism of everyone involved, and would certainly recommend TDC to anyone with the same problems.’

April 2019