Patient Review

‘Simply the best, look no further’

‘Anyone thinking of having this procedure, All on 4, go to TDC.

I cannot fault their professionalism, kindness and attention to detail.

I’m still undergoing treatment and have a particularly complex mouth with very poor quality bone. I’ve had to make some major lifestyle changes, but that was my choice on their recommendation.

No one else could help me except TDC.

I’m a trained nurse/researcher so did a lot of information-gathering prior to treatment.

I 100% made the right decision. TDC literally saved my life.

It was never a cosmetic procedure for me. I had endured years of multiple abscesses, infection and pain for many years. I thought I was beyond hope until I met Dr Michael and Dr Anthony Zybutz.

Currently under Harley Street, I travel 12hrs train on a day to see them which is more gruelling than the treatment, but distance is no object when your life is at stake.

As a trained SRN myself I cannot fault them. If you’re thinking of having this done, don’t hesitate to go to TDC.

Their reputation is second to none and they’re hugely respected within their own profession, which speaks volumes.

My only regret is that I didn’t do this years ago. I’m so lucky to be with the best.

Tempted to go abroad? Don’t! TDC won’t let you down and you’re in the safest hands.’

September 2018