Patient Review

‘Superb treatment and excellent care from TDC team.’

‘Everything about TDC Harley St impressed me.

To put this review in context, I had neglected my teeth and hygiene maintenance for many years. This was largely because of a fear of dentists and dentistry!

My natural teeth at the front had loosened and discoloured over a number of years and I also suffered from gum disease.

As a lecturer, I really wanted to be able to smile naturally and without embarrassment in front of an audience.

From the moment of my first appointment at TDC, I was hugely impressed by the friendliness and professionalism of all the staff. Drs Zybutz and Kalish were superb in terms of explaining and advising on treatment options.

At no time did I feel pressurised to opt for any particular treatment but instead was presented with clear treatment alternatives and what each would involve.

After a set of temporary implants were (painlessly) inserted at the front of my mouth I was given a permanent replacement set 4 months later. Great care was taken to achieve implants which matched my existing teeth both in appearance and colour. I am extremely happy with these teeth and can now smile with confidence.

I should add that EVERYONE I have encountered at TDC from the charming practice managers and hygienists to the expert dentists themselves has been knowledgeable, friendly and reassuring to someone who used to suffer from dentistry phobia!

From a year ago when I could not bite into a sandwich due to loose teeth I can now eat and bite normally.

It has made such a difference. When we looked at photographs from our summer holiday, my wife noticed that unlike previous years, I was smiling broadly in every photograph!’

December 2017