Patient Review

‘TDC gave me my smile back – thank you’

My name is Edward Blake. I am a lorry driver from the South of England. Over the last 50 yrs I have let my teeth go from bad to worse until I was left with a very wobbly, loose and unattractive bridge as my so called front teeth.  This caused me to have very low self esteem – low-confidence and frankly not wanting to socialise or even smile, I was also having major trouble eating.

Having spent quite some time (4 yrs) looking into dental implants (mainly the all 0n 4 system) I decided to call TDC Implant Centre, now I had looked at all the other options out there including going abroad and many more.

My first phone call, I spoke to a lady called Becca, who is the implant co-ordinator. Straight away I was blown away with her knowledge of her work and understanding of my position, After talking to Becca for a while I knew I wanted TDC to fix my teeth, I remember thinking if this is how knowledgeable the co-ordinator is what must the surgeon be like, I wanted to start straight away.

Within a few days I attended a consultation to have x-rays and scans taken, then the next appointment I had moulds taken, and on the 14/11/17 just a couple of weeks after my first contact, it was surgery time.

When I arrived at the surgery I was quite nervous, but I was put at ease by the staff at TDC who made me feel very comfortable, I got to meet all of the people involved in my surgery and was told step by step what was going to happen. I chose to have iv- sedation which for me was money well spent, it was over in a flash. I have little to no memory of the surgery, I had no pain during the surgery what so ever.

After my op I was so well looked after while my teeth were being made, then came the moment after nearly 4 painstaking years researching implants to fit my new teeth and wow, was I impressed. I just wanted to keep smiling. I couldn’t believe how good they looked.

I would like to thank Dr Zybutz, Dr Baloch and all the staff at TDC for giving me back my smile (life) and a very special thank you to Becca who from the very first phone call has been fantastic.

Did I make the right decision? yes 100%. Did I choose the right company? Yes 100%.

November 2017